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Charlton Arthur Whittall

Charlton Arthur Whittall.
See full size. Photo courtesy of Stephen Sheaffe.

Charlton Arthur Whittall,
born 1816, Smyrna.
Merchant in Smyrna and Constantinople.
He mar Elise Icard [born 1826].
He died c.1866 in the Far East, age c.50 yrs.
They had issue:

  1. Charlton Howard Whittall,
    born 1848.

  2. Helen Whittall,
    mar 1stly to Thomas Hingston Harvey and had issue:

    1. Lily Harvey,
      mar Charles Fenwick Holmes and had issue:

      1. Gerald Hugh Holmes,
        mar Caroline Elizabeth Morris and had issue:

        1. Sir Peter Holmes, born 1932.
          He mar 1stly to Judith Walker.
          Chairman of Shell 1985-1993.
          He died 2002.
          He had issue by 1st wife:

          1. Hermoine Holmes.
          2. Josephine Holmes.
          3. Martha Holmes.

  3. Sarah Madeline Whittall.
    She mar Admiral Sir Henry Felix Woods [born 1843].
    He was Admiral in Ottoman Navy.
    He was ADC to Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

  4. Eugenie Whittall,
    mar Leicester Edwards and had issue.

  5. James Arthur Whittall,
    born 1853.

  6. Percy George Whittall, born 1854,
    mar Grace Montford Perry and had issue:

    1. Cecile Nelson Percy Whittall, born 1886,
      mar William Ashmore Sheaffe and had issue:

      1. Howard Edward Percy Sheaffe,
        had issue:

        1. Stephen Sheaffe,
          researching family tree.

  7. Jack Whittall, born 1857,
    mar Elmina Henrietta Keun and had issue:

    1. Daisy Whittall, mar Richard La Fontaine [born 1883] and had issue.

  8. Alfred Richard Whittall, born 1861,
    mar 1stly to Lily Tristram and had issue.

  9. Adeline Whittall.

  10. Frederick James Whittall,
    born Smyrna, 1863.
    He mar 1887 to Adela Wilkin [dau of Marmaduke Wilkin and Adela Barker] and had issue.
    She must be Adela Wilkin, dau of Marmaduke Edmond Wilkin and Adela ---, who was bapt 1 June 1864, Stoke, near Guildford, Surrey. See entry in [LDS IGI].
    This would look like Marmaduke Wilkin, brother of Esther Johanna Wilkin, except his wife doesn't match.

  11. Lizette Whittall, born 1864,
    mar 1stly to --- Peterson and had issue.

Admiral Sir Henry Felix Woods.
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