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Edward Whittall

Edward Whittall.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

Edward Whittall,
born 1851,
of C. Whittall and Co., Smyrna.
See Wikipedia and Wikitree.
See entry in tree by Brigitte Louise Theuma.
He mar 14 Apr 1875, Smyrna, to Mary Maltass [Mary Eliza Maltass, born 18 Nov 1851].
He lived Bornova.
He was a keen botanist, collector and cultivator of wild flowers of Asia Minor. Discoverer of several new species and varieties of plants which are named after him.
See plants named after Edward Whittall.
Ran a fig and currant export business from Smyrna.
He bought an old house in Bornova, which became known as The Edward Whittall House. He built up its magnificent garden. Lived there until he died.
He is the "Mr. Whittall" who entertained the Prince of Wales (later George V) at his house in Bornova in 1886. See [Kalcas, 1983].
He died 1917.
Edward and Mary had issue:

  1. Edgar Arthur Whittall,
    think called Arthur,
    born 1877, Smyrna.
    He mar 1899 to Hilda Blanche La Fontaine [born 1880] and had issue.

  2. Albert James Whittall, born 1879, Smyrna.
  3. Elsie Whittall, born 1880, Smyrna.

  4. Rachel Whittall,
    "Ray", born 1881, Smyrna.
    She mar Emile Tissot and had issue.

  5. Godfrey Whittall,
    born 1882, Smyrna,
    had issue:

    1. Rodney Whittall,
      Rodney Howard Whittall, born 1912,
      mar his 1st cousin Edna Giraud,
      had issue:

      1. Anthony Whittall, had issue:
        1. James Whittall.
      2. Philip Whittall.

  6. Ruth Whittall,
    born 14 June 1884, Smyrna, twin.
    She bought The Edward Whittall House in Bornova from rest of family after her father's death 1917.
    She mar Edmund Haydn Giraud and had issue.

  7. Jessie Whittall,
    Jessica Maud Whittall, born 14 June 1884, Smyrna, twin.
    She mar Reginald Turrell [Reginald Edmund, born 19 Mar 1879].
    She died 31 -- 1928, age 44 yrs.
    He died 10 Apr 1933, age 54 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Ray Frances Turrell.
      She must be Rachel, like her aunt Ray Whittall.
      She mar Richard Alan Bell [born 18 Oct 1915] and had issue.

  8. Edward Sidney Whittall,
    born 5th May 1888, Smyrna,
    mar Dorothy Jane Peacock and had issue:

    1. Dulcie Mary Whittall, born 1st Sept 1915, Smyrna.

  9. Walter Whittall, born 1890, Smyrna.

The Edward Whittall House, Bornova

The Edward Whittall House, Bornova.
Called the "Godfrey Giraud House" in [Kalcas, 1983].

The Edward Whittall House, 1950s.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The Edward Whittall House.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The Edward Whittall House.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The Edward Whittall House.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

Letters and Diary of Gertrude Bell

Gertrude Bell, born 1868, traveller, diplomat and archaeologist, visited the Whittall family in Smyrna.

From The Gertrude Bell archive at the University of Newcastle.

Plants named after Edward Whittall

Both endings "whittallii" and "whittalli" are seen.

Genus Plant named after Edward Whittall Status
Veronica Veronica whittallii Apparently now considered a variety of Veronica catarractae.
Tulipa (tulips) Tulipa whittallii Sometimes considered a species.
Sometimes considered a subspecies or variety of Tulipa orphanidea.
Fritillaria Fritillaria whittallii Species
Scilla Chionodoxa gigantea Whittall Chionodoxa gigantea is now classified as Scilla lochiae.
Scilla Chionodoxa sardensis Whittall Chionodoxa sardensis is now classified as Scilla sardensis.
Scilla Scilla bifolia var whittallii Variety of Scilla bifolia.
Galanthus (snowdrops) Galanthus elwesii var whittallii Variety of Galanthus elwesii.


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