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My ancestors - McEllistrem - Contents

The McEllistrem house, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry

The old thatched 2-storey McEllistrem house was on the W side of Main St in Ballylongford.
Richard McEllistrem would have lived here.
He is living Ballylongford (must be here) in [Tithe Survey, 1824].

Inherited by Thomas McEllistrem.
He is there in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].
He died pre-1901.

Inherited by Michael McEllistrem.
He is there in 1901 and 1911 census.
He died 1930.

Inherited by his son Michael McEllistrem.
In 1957, the old McEllistrem house was demolished and a new McEllistrem house was built on the site.
There is an even older building in the back yard.

Thomas McEllistrem in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] holds plot 14 (the family home) and plot 15 (office) on Main St, Ballylongford.

Ballylongford, maybe 1880s.
Looking N up Main St.
The old McEllistrem house is the thatched two storey house here, 2nd from LHS (with sign over door).
The building beside it (further from camera) is said to be the post office.
See Rahilly house further down the street.
Lawrence Collection 7535 W.L.
See full size.
See other scan from

The old McEllistrem house, c.1930s.
It was demolished 1957.
From [McAuliffe, vol.1, 2011, p.65].
See larger and full size.

The new McEllistrem house, front (grey house).
From street view.
See Rahilly house down the street.

The new McEllistrem house.
Photo 2015. See larger and full size.
See other shot.


View from the back yard


View from the back yard.
Background: The new McEllistrem house.
Foreground: An even older McEllistrem house, surviving in the back yard.
Photo 2006. See full size.

The surviving old McEllistrem house in the back yard.
Photo 2006. See full size.
See alternate shot.

Inside the old house (now just used as a shed).
Photo 2006. See full size.
More shots here and here.


Video from back yard, pans from new house to old house.
Video 2006.
From here. Hosted at my YouTube account.
Download AVI file.

The new McEllistrem house.
Still from above.

Video showing more of back yard.
Video 2006.
From here. Hosted at my YouTube account.
Download AVI file.

Old wall at back.
Still from above.

The post office

The building beside the McEllistrem house (on the N side) was said to be the Ballylongford post office at one stage (maybe when Mark McEllistrem was postmaster).

Ballylongford post office. Unknown date.
This is [P106/3902(2)].

The "post office" building beside the McEllistrem house.
It does look a bit like the above building.
Photo 2015. See larger and full size.

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