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Pronounced "Coakley".


The Royal Descent of Colclough

In 2013, I discovered that my grand-uncle Alec Spain (who I met before he died in 1982) possibly had a Royal Descent through the landed gentry Colclough family.
Justin Spain did the work in 2012 to construct the line back to Thomas Colclough.
Various sources then identified Thomas Colclough with Thomas the son of Adam Colclough of Boley, Co.Wexford.
But the link to Adam Colclough of Boley appears to be wrong. See below. It may be that Thomas Colclough connects to the family some other way though.
This line needs more work.

The following shows the Royal Descent of Adam Colclough of Boley. He had a son Thomas, but that Thomas seems to have died young. See below.
Both Patrick Colclough and Katherine Bagenal descend through many lines from Aoife Mac Murrough and Brian Boru.

The seat of the Colclough family was Tintern Abbey, Co.Wexford (founded by William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke).
See [Marsden and McLaren, 1997]. See street view.

          Edward III
          John of Gaunt
          1st Earl of Somerset 
          1st Duke of Somerset 
          2nd Duke of Somerset
          1st Earl of Worcester 
          Elizabeth Somerset
          Sir John Savage == Elizabeth Manners
           |                 descendant of Edward III
          Eleanora Savage 
          Dudley Bagenal
 |                             |
Eleanor Bagenal               George Bagenal
 |                             |
Dudley Colclough              Walter Bagenal
 |                             |
Patrick Colclough             Katherine Bagenal
 |                             |
          Adam Colclough
          Thomas Colclough

Extract from COLCLOUGH in [Burkes Irish, 1976].
Shows Adam Colclough of Boley, Co.Wexford, and his son Thomas Colclough.


Bill of 1740

Equity Exchequer Bill dated 12 Sept 1740.
Registry of Deeds, New Record Court, Equity Exchequer Bills of 1740, file 10, p.2 of 20.

Summary of Equity Exchequer Bill dated 12 Sept 1740.
From here in Exchequer Court of Equity Bill Books, 1674-1850.


Thomas Colclough

The Spain family descends from Thomas Colclough below (born c.1720).
He has been identified by various sources with Thomas Colclough above (born 1726), son of Adam Colclough.
But this appears to be untrue:

We begin with:

Thomas Colclough,
born maybe c.1720,
of Kings County (Co.Offaly), on Co.Westmeath border.
He mar Mary Costello.
They had issue:

Timothy Colclough,
born Kings County (Co.Offaly).
Later of Smithfield, Dublin.
He mar Margaret Kiernan.
Looks like married and living in Dublin by 1763. Looks like he was Protestant and she was Catholic. Children baptised Catholic, while he stayed Protestant.
See RC baptisms of children of Timothy Colclough and wife Margaret at St.Michan's RC church, Dublin, 1763 and 1771. And also 20 July 1767.
Colclough and Bryan, sale-masters, are listed at Bow St, Dublin, in [Dublin directory, 1779].
Colclough and McNally, salesmasters, are listed at Smithfield in [Dublin directory, 1791].
Timothy was bur 16 February 1797, Dublin, CoI burial.
They had issue:

Thomas Colclough.
He must be Thomas Colclough who was bapt 11 October 1771 [St.Michan's RC par records, Dublin], son of Timothy Colclough and wife Margaret.
He mar Margaret Tighe.
Thomas Colclough, salesmaster, of Smithfield is listed in [Dublin directory, 1814].
They had issue:

  1. John Colclough, born 1801,
    of Smithfield, Dublin.
    He mar 1829, Rathmines RC church, Dublin, to Catherine Patterson.
    See Colclough marriages and baptisms in Rathmines RC church, 1829 on.
    In 1852 he purchased Finnstown House, Lucan, Co.Dublin.
    They had issue:

    1. Margaret Colclough,
      born 1834, Dublin.
      She mar 2 Feb 1859 to Patrick Spain and had issue.
      They mar at St.Andrew's RC church, Dublin. See mar entry from here.
      See marriage notice in Freemans Journal, February 3, 1859.

The earliest known document for this family:
Baptism of Mary Colclough, 28 July 1763 [St.Michan's RC par records, Dublin].
From here.

Baptism of Thomas Colclough, 11 October 1771 [St.Michan's RC par records, Dublin].
From here.
See also image from here.

Colclough and Bryan, sale-masters, are listed at Bow St, Dublin, in [Dublin directory, 1779].

Colclough and McNally, salesmasters, are listed at Smithfield in [Dublin directory, 1791].

Burial of Timothy Colclough of Smithfield, 16 February 1797, [St.James' CoI church], Dublin.

Thomas Colclough in [Dublin directory, 1814].

John Colclough buys Finnstown House.
From Freemans Journal, January 31, 1852 (NOT 1851).

Finnstown House, Lucan, Co.Dublin, on 1887 to 1913 map.

Marriage of Margaret Colclough to Patrick Spain in 1859.

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