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Dr. Alec Spain

Alec Spain.
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Dr. Alec Spain,
Alex W. Spain, born 22 Sept 1897, Cashel, Co.Tipperary.
He is possibly (unproved) a descendant of Edward III and Aoife Mac Murrough and Brian Boru.
He was educ Christian Brothers, Cashel, Co.Tipperary.
Family moved back to Dublin.
He was educ Blackrock College 1908-15.
Played rugby for Blackrock. Won JCT 1911 and 1912.
He was educ UCD. BA 1918.
Studied for priesthood, but left.
Started studying medicine in UCD 1919.
Played rugby for UCD. Captain of UCD rugby club. Captain in 1924 when they won Leinster Club Senior Cup (see photo in Belfield House, UCD). Later he was President of the club.
Gynaecologist. MB, B.Ch., B.A.O., UCD 1924 [NUI, 1964].
Played rugby for Ireland against New Zealand, in Dublin, 1 Nov 1924, during the famous New Zealand tour of 1924-25, when New Zealand won everything.
Worked Mater Hospital, Dublin, as at 1925.
Assistant Master of Holles St Hospital (National Maternity Hospital), Dublin, 1926-27 [plaque in hall].
M.A.O. NUI 1929, MRCOG 1929.
At mar he is living 31 Lower Baggot St, Dublin.

He mar 30 July 1929 to Eileen O'Mara [Eibhlin, born 7 Aug 1903].
She was descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III.

They lived 31 Lower Baggot St, Dublin, where Alec started a private practice.
Working Mater Hospital again as at 1938.
President of Blackrock College Union 1938.
Master of Holles St Hospital 1942-48 [plaque inside door].
Became FRCOG.
Lived and had practice in 20 Fitzwilliam Square South, Dublin [NOT 18].

Retired. Went back to live in Cashel, Co.Tipperary, for some years, having bought the Mullins shop.
Eileen opened an antiques shop next to Mullins' in Cashel.
Moved back to Dublin, lived Dundrum.
Eileen ran an antiques shop in Ranelagh.
Lived at some point at Faitealan, Carrick Hill, Malahide, N Co.Dublin.
In later years the two of them were in a nursing home, Our Lady's Manor, Bullock Harbour, Dalkey, Co.Dublin.
He died 24 Feb 1982, age 84 yrs.
His portrait hangs in Holles St Hospital.
Eileen died 20 Mar 1988, age 84 yrs.
Alec and Eileen had issue:

  1. Anne Spain.

  2. Alex Spain,
    mar Maureen Murphy
    and had issue:

    1. Alex Spain, mar Michele Murphy and had issue:
      1. Alex Spain.
      2. Georgia Spain.
      3. Cameron Spain.
    2. John Spain, mar Susan McHenry and had issue:
      1. Philip Spain.
      2. Heather Spain.
      3. William Spain.
    3. Catherine Spain.
    4. Brian Spain, had issue:
      1. Sofia Spain.

    5. Justin Spain,
      wrote family history,
      mar Sarah O'Riain and had issue.

    6. Elizabeth Spain, mar Pete Bridge and had issue:
      1. Imogen Bridge.
      2. Jake Bridge.
      3. Lara Bridge.

  3. Paddy Spain,
    mar Mary Binchy and had issue:

    1. Patrick Spain.
    2. Eddie Spain, mar ---.
    3. Alexandra Spain.
    4. Benedicte Spain.

  4. Stephen Spain.

  5. Ellen Spain,
    mar Raymond Davern and had issue:

    1. Owen Davern, mar Rosarie O'Grady and had issue:
      1. Sophia Davern.
      2. Owen Davern.
    2. Paddy Davern, mar Anne Kearney and had issue:
      1. Recie Davern.
      2. Paddy Davern.
      3. Dermot Davern.
      4. Tom Davern.
    3. Raymond Davern.
    4. Alex Davern, mar Eileen Henry.
    5. Ellen Davern.
    6. Lisa Davern.
    7. Stephen Davern.

  6. Malachi Spain.
    DNA match with various people. See below.
    He mar Mary Leonard and had issue:

    1. Malachy Spain, mar Liza MacCarthy and had issue:
      1. Oisin Spain.
      2. Ferdia Spain.
      3. Fachtna Spain.
    2. Mise Spain.
    3. Sheila Spain, mar Robert Dargan and had issue:
      1. Sadie Dargan.
      2. Aimee Dargan.
      3. Mia Dargan.
    4. Julian Spain.
    5. Mary-Elizabeth Spain, mar Joseph Thompson and had issue:
      1. Rhys Thompson.

DNA matches

Malachi Spain is a DNA match with all of the following:

Alec and Eileen's wedding, 1929. See full size.

"A beautiful maiden - God knows why
Thought of me as quite a 'Guy'
Before her gaze I was weak as water
And so was wed with an O'Mara daughter."

- From a poem written by Alec to Eileen on their 40th anniversary, 1969.

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