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Herberstein of Herberstein Castle (in German, Schloss Herberstein).
Herberstein Castle is in St. Johann bei Herberstein, SW of Hartberg, NE of Graz, Austria (see map).

Connie O'Mara and Count Herberstein, 1950.
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Count Johann Herbert von Herberstein,
born 1863.
He descends from Edward I. See his ancestry.
He descends through Furstenberg and Pappenheim and Leiningen from Bernardine of Lippe (born 1563), who descends through John II, Duke of Cleves and Elizabeth of Nevers and Margaret III, Countess of Flanders from Edward I.

He mar 1896 to Countess Hilda von Breuner [born 1872].
She descends from Edward III. See her ancestry.
She descends through Szechenyi and Erdody from Maria Klara of Dietrichstein (born 1626), who descends from Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, who descends from Edward III.

Count Johann Herbert died 1940.
Countess Hilda died 1967.
They had issue:

  1. Count Johann Herbert of Herberstein,
    known as "Herbert",
    born 11 Nov 1898, Neuaigen, Austria.

    He mar 4 Aug 1941 in Austria to Connie O'Mara [born 8 Sept 1891].
    He was age 42. She was age 49. He was her 2nd husband.
    She became Countess Herberstein.
    Muffie de Courcy said the O'Mara's of Limerick called her "La Contessa".
    They lived at Herberstein Castle, NE of Graz, Austria.
    He lost his estates to the Nazis in WW2.
    But he seems to have got them back after the war. Letters of 1947 and 1950 have their address at Herberstein Castle.
    She was once asked what does "O" mean in "O'Mara". She answered "the same as von only you can't buy it!"

    Connie died at Hartberg, Austria, 24 Mar 1952, age 60 yrs [mass card].
    She was bur in Herberstein Castle vault.
    He died Hartberg, 30 June 1969, or poss. Aug, age 70 yrs.

Extract from HERBERSTEIN on p.776 of [Ruvigny, 1914].
The parents and siblings of Connie O'Mara's future husband (who is listed here, age 16).
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Herberstein Castle.
Photo 2008 from here. See full size.

Herberstein Castle.
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Herberstein Castle.
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Photo 2005. Formerly here.

Herberstein Castle.
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Photo 2005. Formerly here.

Herberstein Castle.
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Herberstein Castle.
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The Herberstein family vault, at the back of the church in St. Johann bei Herberstein.
Etienne Rynne (died 2012) placing flowers in memory of Connie.
From P133/2/15.
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