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O'Sullivan of Killarney, Co.Kerry

O'Sullivan/Sullivan is the most common surname in Munster, and the most common surname in Co.Kerry.
See other O'Sullivans and Sullivans in the family tree.


"O'Sullivan McCrah" descent


Extract from 1770s text Ancient History of the Kingdom of Kerry.
"Capancoss" apparently refers to O'Sullivan of Cappanacush, near Kenmare.

Note on the above, from [Prendergast, part 2, 1898].
This claims that Michael O'Sullivan of Killarney (apparently the draper) and his relatives have a descent from "O'Sullivan McCrah".


Our family

Biography of John Langford says that Dr. William O'Sullivan is related to Michael O'Sullivan the draper and Bishop Charles O'Sullivan and Eugene O'Sullivan, M.P. (see below)
It says that "[John Langford's] uncle was Michael O'Sullivan, Main Street, [whose] sons were Professor O'Sullivan, Minister of Education; Bishop O'Sullivan, Bishop of Kerry; Timothy O'Sullivan, M.P., and his first cousins were Eugene O'Sullivan, Killarney U.D.C, and Dr. William O'Sullivan."

That Dr. William is nephew of Michael the draper is proved:

As for Bishop Charles O'Sullivan, he is not son of Michael O'Sullivan the draper, so this needs more work.
We also do not know how Eugene O'Sullivan fits in.


Timothy O'Sullivan.
He was said to be from Kenmare, Co.Kerry.
Listed as Timothy O'Sullivan, farmer, at son's mar 1871.
Listed as Timothy Sullivan, farmer, at son's mar 1876.
He had issue:

  1. Michael O'Sullivan,
    born 1833, Co.Kerry [according to age in census].
    Listed as draper, Killarney, at mar.
    He mar 29 Feb 1876, Kiltallagh RC church, Co.Kerry, to Mary Sullivan [dau of John Sullivan, farmer].
    She was of Ballyfinnane, Molahiffe par, Co.Kerry. She is listed as Sullivan in children's baptisms, not O'Sullivan.
    See mar cert from here.

    He had draper's shop, Main St, Killarney. This was at junction of Main St and Henn St (now Plunkett St). See map. It was apparently at 10/11 Main Street.
    Listed at Main St at children's bapts 1879-81.
    Mary died pre-1901.
    Michael is listed in 1901 census on Main St, Killarney. He is a widower, age 68. His nephew Dr. William O'Sullivan is living with him.
    Michael and Mary had issue:

    1. Timothy O'Sullivan, M.P.,
      born 8 Jan 1879, or 7 Jan,
      bapt 1 February 1879 [Killarney RC par records].
      Irish Parliamentary Party MP.
      MP for East Kerry 1910-18.

    2. Prof. John Marcus O'Sullivan,
      born 18 Feb 1881, Killarney, NOT 1891,
      (todo) see birth of John Marcus O'Sullivan in [GROI], Killarney, 1st qr 1881, vol 5, p 296,
      bapt 19 Feb 1881 [Killarney RC par records].
      Cumann na nGaedhael TD.
      Minister for Education 1926-32.

  2. Daniel O'Sullivan,
    born 1842.
    At marriage 1871 he is farmer, living Batterfield, Firies (between Killarney and Tralee, see map).
    He mar 29 April 1871 [Beaufort RC par records] to Mary O'Halloran [born 1850].
    See mar cert from here.
    She was of Dromaloughane, Knockane civil parish (Beaufort RC parish), near Killarney, Co.Kerry.
    Her uncle was Fr. O'Halloran, P.P. of the RC par of Firies, Co.Kerry.
    (Interestingly, Fr. Mark O'Sullivan of the Meentoges family was P.P. of Firies at an earlier date.)
    It was thought that Mary's uncle Fr. O'Halloran gave her, perhaps at her marriage, a farm at Batterfield. But mar cert shows her husband already at Batterfield, while Mary is of Dromaloughane.

    Daniel and Mary were living Batterfield at children's baptisms 1872 to 1879.
    They had issue:

    1. Dr. William O'Sullivan,
      William J. O'Sullivan, Bill, "Gogo",
      born 3 Aug 1873, Batterfield, Firies, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 6 August 1873 [Firies RC par records],
      bapt transcript says "Gerald", (todo) see original, microfilm in [NLI] is illegible.
      Doctor in Killarney, Co.Kerry.


Michael O'Sullivan's draper's shop.
At the junction of Main St and Henn St (now Plunkett St), Killarney.
From old postcard of Killarney. See full size.
See another version posted here.
See modern street view of same spot.

Bishop Charles O'Sullivan

As noted above, Bishop Charles O'Sullivan is meant to be related. But this needs more work.

Eugene O'Sullivan, M.P.

As noted above, Eugene O'Sullivan, M.P., is meant to be related. But this needs more work.

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