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O'Sullivan/Sullivan is the most common surname in Munster, and the most common surname in Co.Kerry.
See other O'Sullivans and Sullivans in the family tree.

Dromaloughane, W of Killarney, Co.Kerry.
From 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern map.
It is near the Blennerhassett house, Churchtown House. (See argument with Alice Cashel.)

James Sullivan.
He is listed as "James Sullivan" consistently at his mar and children's bapts and son's birth and son's mar.
So think his son's obituary is wrong to list him as "James Joseph O'Sullivan".
Children all bapt Sullivan, not O'Sullivan.

He mar 1 Feb 1855 to Julia Coakley [dau of Cornelius Coakley and Bridgid Sullivan].
They mar at Firies RC church. See entry. Mar wit by Michael Sullivan and Michael Coakley.
She (not he) is listed at mar as of Batterfield, Firies, Co.Kerry (between Killarney and Tralee, see map).

He was farmer at Dromaloughane, Knockane civil parish (Beaufort RC parish), NW of The Gap of Dunloe, W of Killarney, Co.Kerry.
Beaufort parish is also called Tuogh parish.
He is listed at Dromaloughane at children's births and baptisms 1857 to 1870.
He was NOT from near Tralee, Co.Kerry. (See argument with Alice Cashel.)

His son's obituary in 1935-36 is wrong to say he was a "physician in Killarney". He is not listed among doctors of Killarney in [Slater's Directory, 1881]. He is not listed among doctors of Ireland in [Thoms, 1884]. Perhaps this is confusion with his son's brother-in-law Dr. William O'Sullivan of Killarney.
He is listed as "farmer" at his son's birth and mar.
James and Julia had issue:

  1. Mary Sullivan, bapt 11 January 1857 [Beaufort RC par records].
  2. Denis Sullivan, bapt 13 June 1858 [Beaufort RC par records].
  3. Patrick Sullivan, bapt 22 March 1860 [Beaufort RC par records].
  4. Bridget Sullivan, bapt 1 March 1862 [Beaufort RC par records], must have died young.
  5. Bridget Sullivan, bapt 22 April 1865 [Beaufort RC par records], must have died young.
  6. Bridget Sullivan, bapt 23 December 1866 [Beaufort RC par records].

  7. Ellen Sullivan.
    "Helen T. O'Neill" on death notice.
    She was apparently born Ireland, taken to Connecticut as child.
    She mar Edward O'Neill [of New York].
    Lived New York, and Ellington, Connecticut.
    She died Ellington, Fri 22 June 1934.
    She was bur St. Bernard's Cemetery, Rockville, near Ellington, Connecticut (see map).
    They had issue:

    1. Ethel O'Neill.
      She mar Frank Healy [of Cobh, Co.Cork] and had issue.
      He was a prominent nationalist barrister.

  8. James Mark Sullivan,
    Jim Sullivan,
    "James Sullivan" at birth and bapt.
    Irish-American lawyer, journalist and diplomat.
    Pioneer of film in Ireland.
    He was born 6 Jan 1870, Dromaloughane, Co.Kerry.
    See birth cert from here. And copy.
    He was bapt 8 Jan 1870 [Beaufort RC par records].
    His obituary is wrong to say born 1873.
    [US Census, 1 Apr 1930] says he emigrated to America in "1872".
    [CO 904] says he emigrated to America "about 1880".
    It might have been 1884 (see below).

Expenses for "James Sullivan" are listed in payments made in June 1864 by Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 4th Baronet of Churchtown House (beside Dromaloughane). James Sullivan seems to be going to a fair to make purchases on behalf of the Blennerhassett estate.
From Churchtown House accounts book 1862-64.
This could be James Sullivan the elder here.
See larger and full size.

Birth cert of Jim Sullivan, born 6 Jan 1870.

Jim Sullivan, think with his sister Ellen.
See full size.

This looks like the family emigrating to America in 1884

Possible link to other O'Sullivans

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