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Rowan of Co.Kerry

A "Greenhead House" appears on the 1857-58 map of Govan, Glasgow.
This was entirely demolished and the area cleared for housing between the 1893-94 map and the 1909 map.
The site is now where Peninver Drive meets Burghead Place. See map and street view.

John Rowan,
of Greenhead, Govan parish, W side of Glasgow, Scotland,
had issue:

  1. Rev. Andrew Rowan,
    born 1635,
    went to Co.Antrim, Ireland, 1650,
    Presbyterian minister of Dunaghy parish, Co.Antrim, from c.1658,
    the church was at Clogh (or Clough), N of Ballymena, Co.Antrim (see map),
    mar 1stly, c.1660, to ---- Mac Phedris,
    Rector of Dunaghy 1661,
    had issue by 1st wife:

    1. Capt. William Rowan of Derry,
      noted Williamite supporter, had issue:

      1. William Rowan, had issue:
        1. Jane Rowan, mar Gawen Hamilton [born 1729] and had issue:

          1. Archibald Hamilton Rowan, born 1751,
            United Irishman in 1798 Rising, ancestor of Rowan-Hamilton.

    2. Rev. John Rowan,
      ancestor of Rowan of Mount Davys, Co.Antrim, and Rowan of Australia.

    Rev. Andrew mar 2ndly, est c.1670, to Alice Dunlop [think descendant of Robert II, King of Scotland and of Henry I],
    died 1717, age 82 yrs,
    bur Clogh church, Co.Antrim, (todo) any grave?,
    had issue by 2nd wife:

    1. Robert Rowan.
    2. Archibald Rowan.

    3. George Rowan,
      born est c.1675,
      [Sir Henry Denny, 7th Baronet] has him as grandson, not son, but that is impossible given the dates (he had a daughter who married in 1716, he must be born 1675 or earlier).

Dunaghy Old Rectory, Clogh, Co.Antrim

Dunaghy Old Rectory, main street, Clogh, Co.Antrim.
Think this is where Rev. Andrew Rowan lived up to 1717.

Dunaghy Old Rectory, Clogh, Co.Antrim.
Photo 2010. See larger and full size.
See other shot and other shot.

Dunaghy Old Rectory, Clogh, Co.Antrim.
Photo 2010. See larger and full size.
See other shot.

Dunaghy Old Rectory, Clogh, Co.Antrim.
2011 shot from street view.

Rowan Papers

The Rowan Papers [NLI Ms] are papers from 1699 to 1913 relating to the Rowan, Crosbie, Denny, Ponsonby, Blennerhassett and other Co. Kerry families.

Have looked at:

  1. Ms. 20608 (Ponsonby)
    This may (or may not) include all the Ponsonby papers mentioned in the guide:
    • "Letters and miscellaneous papers of Ponsonby of Co.Kerry, c.1770-1805".
    • "Bills, answers, and other legal papers relating to Chute, Hickson, Ponsonby and Rowan families, c.1780-1820".

  2. Ms 20610. Legal papers re the family of Rowan of Co. Kerry, mainly papers in the case of John Rowan v. Mary Goggin, c. 1729-1810.
  3. Ms 20611. "Miscellaneous legal papers and accounts relating to the family of Blennerhassett of Co. Kerry, c.1776-1822."
  4. Ms 20617. Extracts copied from State Papers etc. re Co. Kerry families. Mostly 16th-17th century.
  5. Ms 20621 (family trees). "Genealogical notes and pedigrees mainly re the family of Denny of Co. Kerry, also re the families of Blennerhassett and Conway, c.1909."

  1. D. 26701 (Ponsonby)
  2. D. 26706 (Ponsonby)
  3. D. 26707 (Ponsonby)

To be consulted next:

  1. Ms 20609. Papers mainly concerning the Chute, Hickson, Thompson and Wilson families, 1687-1845.
  2. Ms. 20,612. Papers re the family of Collis, 1791-1826.
  3. D. 26,668. Mortgage between James and John Segerson and Francis Chute, 1780.
  4. D.26671-26692 (22 items) (Blennerhassett)
  5. D.26714 (Eagar mar 1813)

To be consulted:

  1. Ms. 20,600. Copies of correspondence re the Crosbie family, c. 1627-1735, especially concerning the robbery of silver from the house of Lady Margaret Crosbie, 1731.
  2. Ms. 20,601. Letters of Lady Arabella Denny mainly to her sister Lady Anne Crosbie, with some letters from other members of the FitzMaurice family, and miscellaneous associated papers, c.1699-1800.
  3. Ms. 20,602. Letters, mainly to William Wilson of Tralee, 1766-1834.
  4. Ms. 20,603. Letters and papers re Baron O'Brien, a Colonel in the Austrian service, c. 1810-1819.
  5. Ms. 20,604. Letters to the Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan, 1844-1856.
  6. Ms. 20,605. Letter-book of the Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan containing copies of outgoing letters by him, 1850-1851.
  7. Ms. 20,606. Letters to the Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan re his book on Killarney, 1853.
  8. Ms. 20,607. Letters to members of the family of Rowan, mainly re financial affairs and estate matters in Co. Kerry, c. 1855-1947.
  9. Ms 20613. Accounts of the Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan with members of the Thompson family of Co. Kerry, 1838-1861.
  10. Ms. 20,614. Tailoring account of the Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan, 1848-1853.
  11. Ms. 20,615. Bill of costs for Capt. William Rowan, administrator of the Venerable Archdeacon Rowan, 1862.
  12. Ms. 20,616. Accounts of Colonel William Rowan of Tralee, 1884.
  13. Ms. 20,618. Miscellaneous literary, antiquarian, historical and religious items by the Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan, c. 1840-1864.
  14. Ms. 20,619. Genealogy of the family of Magrath, 1856.
  15. Ms 20620. Mss. of Colonel Lionel Hewson concerning the Bland family of Co. Kerry.
  16. Ms. 20,622. Notes by Alice M. Rowan on John O'Connell's Metrical history of Ireland, 1911.

  1. D. 26664 (Rowan)
  2. D. 26,665. Lease by David Rynd to George Lendrum, 1753.
  3. D. 26,666. Lease by George Rowan to Martin Flaherty, John Flaherty, Edmund Flaherty and Bartholomew Lynch, 1770.
  4. D. 26,667. Lease by Maurice FitzGerald, Knight of Kerry to John Martin, 1774.
  5. D. 26,669. Deed of settlement by Thomas FitzGerald, knight of Glin re his estate mainly in Co. Limerick, 1781.
  6. D. 26,670. Lease by Rev. Edward Bayly to Samuel Morris, 1781.
  7. D. 26,693. Lease by Hugh Lawlor to Henry Eager and George Raymond, 1782.
  8. D. 26,694. Lease by Maurice Neilan to George Conyngham, 1783.
  9. D.26,695. Lease by Rev. Edward Day to Maurice Connell, 1784.
  10. D. 26,696. Lease by the Earl of Glandore and others to William Saunders, 1787.
  11. D. 26,697. Mortgage by John Gustavus Crosbie to Earl of Glandore and Peter Holmes, 1790.
  12. D. 26,698. Lease by Robert and Thomas Mason to John Shea, 1795.
  13. D.26,699. Lease by the Earl of Glandore, Jane Blennerhassett and others to Garrett Fleming and James Cotter, 1800.
  14. D. 26,700. Lease by Bishop of Clogher to John Hamilton and Anthony Denny, 1801.
  15. D. 26,702. Lease by Robert Hickson to Francis McGillycuddy, 1804.
  16. D. 26,703. Lease by Francis Crosbie to Michael Scanlan, 1807.
  17. D. 26,704. Grant by Michael Lawlor to William Wilson and Walter Prendergast, 1808.
  18. D. 26,705. Grant by Monckton Cary Creaghe to Ulick Wall, 1809.
  19. D. 26,708. Lease by Rev. Barry Denny to John McCartie, 1844.
  20. D. 26,709. Conveyance by Martha Thompson to William Reed, 1851.
  21. D. 26,710. Lease by Francis Twiss to Redmond Roche, 1860.
  22. D. 26711 (Rowan)
  23. D. 26712 (Rowan)
  24. D.26713 (Mullins)
  25. D.26715 (Denny)
  26. D. 26,716. Probate of the will of James Cunningham, 1760.
  27. D. 26,717 Copy of will of Thomas Mangan of Glin, Co. Limerick, 15 Nov. 1780.
  28. D. 26,718. Probate of the will of Sir William Jeffcott, 1855.
  29. D. 26,719. Commission of the peace for the County of Kerry for William Rowan, 1862.


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