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George Rowan

George Rowan,
born est c.1675.
[Hickson, 9 Jan 1897] says he was of Maghera, Co.Derry.
Other sources thought he was of of Maghera, Co.Down.
Think he is descendant of Robert II, King of Scotland and of Henry I.
He mar Mary Blennerhassett [born est c.1682, descendant of Edward III].
He settled at Tullaree, Killiney par, Co.Kerry (on the Dingle peninsula, W of Tralee).
He presumably settled in Co.Kerry through marriage to Blennerhassett of Co.Kerry.
High Sheriff of Kerry 1716.
George and Mary had issue:

  1. Mary Rowan, born est c.1699,
    mar 1716 to William Mullins [born 1691] and had issue.

  2. Sarah Rowan,
    born est c.1702,
    of Droumbegg, Co.Kerry.
    She mar 1stly, 2 Feb 1721 (might be 1722 new style) to William Shiercliffe [or Sheircliffe, born maybe c.1650], of Loughbegg, Co.Kerry (or of Castlegregory, Killiney par, Co.Kerry).
    It was his 2nd marriage. By his 1st marriage he was father of Thomas Shiercliffe. His 1st wife wife had died 1721. He was quite elderly at 2nd marriage.
    (todo) See mar settlement, 7 Dec 1722, D.26712 in [Rowan Papers].
    They had no issue.
    He died Feb 1727 [Hickson, 9 Jan 1897]. See also Ms 20610 in [Rowan Papers].
    He left Castlegregory to his wife's brother John Rowan.
    [Hickson, 1874] describes her as "Mrs. Shiercliffe, the wealthy widow of the Cromwellian purchaser of Walter Hussey's forfeited estate". Except Hickson in KEP, 9 Jan 1897. says the Cromwellian was William's father not William.
    Sarah mar 2ndly, c.1727-1729, to Francis Cashell [prob. born 1697] and had issue.

  3. John Rowan,
    of Maghera, Co.Derry,
    and of Castlegregory (or Castle Gregory), Tullaree, Killiney par, Co.Kerry,
    mar 30th Nov 1728 to Sarah Leslie,
    he died 1732,
    had issue:

    1. Mary Rowan, mar Rev. Edward Day and had issue.

    2. George Rowan, mar Jane Usher and had issue:
      1. John Rowan of Castlegregory, mar 18th Mar 1780 to Elisabeth Usher and had issue:
        1. Harriet (or Harriett) Rowan, mar 1802 to Rev. Edward Day.

  4. Margaree (Margaret) Rowan,
    mar Roger Crimble of Dunaghadee, Co.Down (no issue).

  5. Ruth Rowan,
    must be after grandmother Ruth Blennerhassett,
    mar Charles Chambers of Letterkenny, Co.Donegal (no issue).

  6. Katherine (or Catherine) Rowan,
    mar Pierce Chute of Brenane (O'Brenane) and had issue.

  7. Jane Rowan.
  8. Elizabeth (or Elisabeth) Rowan.

  9. George Rowan,
    mar c.1750 to Catherine (or Margaret) Chute,
    (todo) see mar settlement, D.26711 in [Rowan Papers],
    he must be George Rowan who was High Sheriff of Kerry 1760-61,
    had issue:

    1. George Rowan,
      mar Mary Gorham,
      he must be George Rowan jr. who was High Sheriff of Kerry 1769-70,
      Mary must be the widow of George Rowan, of "Ratanny", Co.Kerry, who mar 2ndly, in Tralee, Apr 1789 [Walker's Hibernian Magazine] to William Nash, of Ballyteige [unidentified],
      George Rowan and Mary Gorham had issue:

      1. George Rowan,
        of Rathanny (or Ratanny), Ballymacelligott par (a little bit E of Tralee), Co.Kerry (where George Cashell lived),
        mar Apr 1798 to Catherine Mary Blennerhassett [bapt 1777] and had issue,
        he may be George Rowan who was High Sheriff of Kerry 1807-08.

    2. William Rowan,
      of Arabella House.

  10. Thomas Rowan,
    must be after grandfather Thomas Blennerhassett.

Location of Rathanny (or Ratanny), E of Tralee (then seat of Rowan), 1777.
Up is West.
From [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].
See also Arabella House nearby (then seat of Blennerhassett).
See full size. From Bill Jehan.

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