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Andrew Egan,
of Ashroe, Co.Limerick (on Co.Tipperary border).
He bought Bunkey, Co.Limerick (on Co.Tipperary border).
There are two Bunkey townlands back to back, one in Killeenagarriff par and one in Stradbally par.
There is a location there called "Egans Cross" (see map).
Andrew had issue:

  1. Margaret Egan, born 1859.
    She mar pre-1884 to Timothy Foley [bapt 14 Apr 1836] and had issue.

  2. John Egan,
    Johnny, born c.1860.
    "John Egan" sp bapt of his nephew John Foley 1886.
    He mar 1900 to Margaret Coffey [born c.1870].
    He inherited farm at Bunkey, Co.Limerick. He farmed there, children born there.
    Lived Bunkey House.
    John died 1933, age c.73 yrs.
    Margaret died 1950, age c.80 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Elsie Egan, born 1901.
      Manageress of Antrim Arms Hotel, Castle St, Ballycastle, Co.Antrim (now closed, see street view).
      She was quite old when married.
      She mar Dan McCarry [Donal, of Ballycastle, Co.Antrim]. No issue.
      It was his 2nd mar. He had children from his 1st mar to --- Boylan.

    2. Marcella Egan, born 1902,
      educ Loreto College, St Stephen's Green, Dublin,
      died of TB, 1923, age 21 yrs.

    3. John Egan, born 1903,
      stayed in Bunkey, Co.Limerick,
      did not marry,
      died at Bunkey, 16 or 17 Mar 1975, age 72 yrs.

    4. Vincent Egan, born 1904.
      Egan's pub, Newport: Vincent had a pub on the corner of the square in Newport, Co.Tipperary (now Gleeson's).
      He mar Margaret Delaney [of Newport].
      He died 10 Aug 1980, age 76 yrs.
      Vincent and Margaret had issue:

      1. Cosmas Egan.
      2. Willie Egan.

    5. Frances Egan,
      Frances Mary, Francie, born 27 Mar 1905, Bunkey,
      mar 1931 to Joseph Tierney [of Virginia, Co.Cavan, born c.1891-93],
      he died 1971, age c.78-80 yrs,
      had issue:

      1. Noel Tierney, mar Monica Cantwell and had issue:
        1. Paul Tierney.
      2. Ann Tierney, mar Ben Dolan and had issue:
        1. Michael Dolan.
        2. John Dolan.
        3. Grainne Dolan.
        4. Brian Dolan.
        5. Fiona Dolan.
      3. Vincent Tierney, mar Rosarie Dowling and had issue:
        1. Emma Tierney.
        2. Kate Tierney.
      4. Rosemary Tierney, mar Niall Brennan and had issue:
        1. Peter Brennan.
        2. Michael Brennan.
        3. John Brennan.
        4. Niall Brennan.

    6. Margaret Egan, Daisy, born 1906,
      did not marry,
      died pre-1970s, of cancer.

    7. Josephine Egan, born Oct 1908,
      did not marry,
      living temp 1992 at "Belville" flats, opposite Donnybrook church, Dublin.

Antrim Arms Hotel, Ballycastle, Co.Antrim.
Maybe c.1900. See full size.
From NLI. The Lawrence Photograph Collection.

Antrim Arms Hotel, Ballycastle, Co.Antrim.
From 2009 street view.
See modern street view.

Gleeson's pub (formerly Egan's), Newport, Co.Tipperary.
Photo 2022. See larger and full size. And wider shot.
See also street view.


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