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Foley graves at Ballynahinch.
From Ballynahinch gravestone inscriptions.

James Foley,
born 1805 or 1812.
His marriage says he is of Caherconlish, Co.Limerick.
But all later records say he is of Ballynahinch, Co.Tipperary, where he had a farm.
He mar 1835 to Honora Ryan [bapt 15 Aug 1816].
All children born Ballynahinch.
Before 1839 the children were brought down to Newport to be baptised.
After 1839 the church opened in Ballynahinch and the children could be baptised locally.
He died 19 or 20 Mar 1854, age 42 or 49 yrs [two gravestones at Ballynahinch have two different dates and ages].
Honora died 6 Sept 1887 [gravestone, Ballynahinch], age 71 yrs.
They had issue:

  1. Timothy Foley,
    eldest son, named after his maternal grandfather Tim Ryan,
    Tim, Tadhg, born Ballynahinch,
    bapt "Tim", 14 Apr 1836 [Newport RC par records], sp Michael Ryan and Bridget Ryan,
    inherited Ballynahinch farm.

  2. Margaret Foley,
    born Ballynahinch, think "Mag Foley",
    bapt 13th Sept 1837 [Newport RC par records], sp Patrick Ryan, Martin Ryan,
    must be "Margaret Foley" who sp bapt of her 1st cousin Jo Humphrys 1852,
    mar 6th Feb 1861 [Ballynahinch RC par records] to Michael McGrath and had issue,
    mar wit by Patrick McGrath and Margaret Humphrys (could be her aunt or 1st cousin).

  3. Anne Foley,
    born Ballynahinch,
    bapt 31st Oct 1839 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Patrick Ryan, Mary Ryan.
    She must be "Anne Foley" who sp bapt of her 1st cousin James Humphrys 1856.
    She mar 22nd Nov 1864 [Ballynahinch RC par records] to John Coffey and had issue.
    Marriage wit by John Coffey and Margaret Humphrys (could be her aunt or 1st cousin).

  4. Mary Foley,
    born Ballynahinch,
    bapt 7 Dec 1841 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp John Foley, Hannah Ryan.
    "Mary Foley" sp bapt of her 1st cousin Mick Humphrys 1859.
    "Mary Foley" wit mar of her 1st cousin Margaret Humphreys 1867.
    She mar 4 Feb 1874 to Patrick Coffey [NOT Michael].
    He was of Portryan, near Newport, Co.Tipperary (see map).
    He is no known relation of the Coffey family her sister married into.
    They mar at Ballynahinch RC church, wit Matthew Ryan and Johanna Mc Grath.

    Children born Portryan.
    Mary died early, 23 Feb 1882 [gravestone, Ballynahinch], age 40 yrs.
    She cannot be the "Mary Coffey" who sp bapt of her nephew John Foley 1886.
    Patrick mar 2ndly to --- Ryan [from Fanit, E of Newport, Co.Tipperary].
    Mary and Patrick had issue:

    1. Nora Coffey,
      mar Denis Ryan [of Upperchurch, Co.Tipperary],
      he was creamery manager in Newport,
      had issue:
      1. Tom Ryan.
      2. Fr. Joseph Ryan.

    2. Mary Coffey, nurse,
      mar Paddy Hope [of Co.Meath], no issue,
      he was in horse racing, think breeder.

    3. Bridget Coffey, John of God nun in Wexford.
    4. Mick Coffey.
    5. Jim Coffey, Jimmy.

  5. Michael Foley,
    born Ballynahinch,
    bapt 31st Oct 1843 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Michael Ryan, Bridget Ryan,
    mar --- Hennessy [of Coosane, a place within Birdhill townland, Co.Tipperary, see map and map],
    Michael was farmer, think at Coosane,
    "Michael Foley" sp the bapt of his nephew James Foley 1885,
    "Michael Foley, Birdhill" is listed as cousin at Dr.David's funeral 1903,
    died 21 Nov 1904 [gravestone, Ballynahinch], age 61 yrs.
    "Mary Foley, Coosane" is listed on the Foley family grave, Ballynahinch.

  6. John Foley,
    born Ballynahinch,
    bapt 22nd June 1845 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Thady Foley, Anne Ryan,
    "John Foley" sp bapt of his 1st cousin Nora Humphrys 1864,
    think he is Fr. John Foley, priest in Australia, died in Australia,
    however this may be confusion with his brother,
    there is a "John Foley" who sp the bapt of his nephew Thomas Foley in Ireland in 1899.

  7. Fr. James Foley,
    Jim, born Ballynahinch,
    bapt 15th Apr 1847 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Timothy Foley, Hannah Tuohy,
    priest in Australia in very early days there,
    died in Australia

  8. Catherine Foley,
    born Ballynahinch,
    bapt 1st Mar 1849 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Timothy Foley, Anne Ryan,
    must be "Kate Foley" who sp bapt of her 1st cousin Nora Humphrys 1864.

  9. Johanna Foley, born 1856,
    died 11 Aug 1881, age 25 yrs [gravestone, Ballynahinch].

Ballynahinch RC church and graveyard on 1887 to 1913 map.
See street view.

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