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Timothy Foley


Grave of Timothy Foley (died 1906).
With the Foley graves at Ballynahinch, Co.Tipperary.
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Timothy Foley,
Tim, Tadhg, bapt 14 Apr 1836.
He must be "Timothy Foley" who sp bapt of his 1st cousin Annie Humphrys 1849.
He was a farmer.
His father died 1854.
He inherited farm at Ballynahinch, Co.Tipperary.
He mar pre-1884 (her 23 years younger than him) to Margaret Egan [born 1859].
All children born Ballynahinch.
He became a prosperous farmer. His sons were educ at Rockwell College (among his sons there were two priests and a doctor).
He is listed as cousin at Dr.David's funeral 1903.
He died 31 Oct 1906, age 70 yrs [gravestone, Ballynahinch].
He was buried at Ballynahinch, Co.Tipperary.
Margaret died 28 Nov 1918, age 59 yrs [gravestone, Ballynahinch].
She was buried at Ballynahinch, Co.Tipperary.
They had issue:

  1. May Foley, born 8th May 1884,
    bapt Mary Honora, 8th May 1884 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Andrew Egan, Ellen Foley.

  2. Fr. James Foley,
    eldest son, born 17 May 1885,
    bapt 18 May 1885 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Michael Foley and Mary Egan.
    He became a priest.
    He was educ Maynooth. Ordained 1912.
    Listed in [Thoms, 1914] as curate at Glin, Co.Limerick.
    He became a Canon.

  3. John Foley,
    born 11 June 1886,
    bapt John Andrew, 12 June 1886 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp John Egan and Mary Coffey.

  4. Dr. Andrew Foley,
    Andy, born 10 July 1887,
    bapt 10 July 1887 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Joseph McGrath and Mary McGrath.
    Doctor in Cashel, Co.Tipperary.
    He mar Fanny Devitt [of Horeabbey, W side of Cashel].

  5. Tim Foley, Timothy, born 16 June 1889,
    bapt 16 June 1889 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Andrew Egan and Mary Hennessy.
    He died 27 Mar 1953 [gravestone, Ballynahinch], age 63 yrs.

  6. Nora Foley, born 25th Oct 1890,
    bapt Honora Ellen, 26th Oct 1890 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Patrick McGrath and Mary Egan.

  7. Michael Foley, born 17th Dec 1892,
    bapt 18th Dec 1892 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp Augustin Ryan and Honora Young.

  8. Joseph Foley, born 6th Apr 1895,
    bapt 7th Apr 1895 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp John Coffey and Anne Coffey,
    died 7 Oct 1912, age 17 yrs [gravestone, Ballynahinch].

  9. Fr. Thomas Foley, born 14th Dec 1899,
    bapt 14th Dec 1899 [Ballynahinch RC par records], sp John Foley and Anne Coffey.
    think ordained 1925.

Fr. James Foley listed as curate at Glin in [Thoms, 1914, p.1040].

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