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William Humphrys of Brittas

Marriage of William Humphrys and Bridget Enright, 6 Feb 1820 [Fedamore RC par records].

William Humphrys,
born 1794.
He mar 6 Feb 1820 to Bridget Enright [Biddy, born 1802].
They mar at Fedamore RC church, near Croom, E Co.Limerick. See entry. From here.
Mar wit by Joanne Humphrys (in Latin, maybe should be Joannes, i.e. John Humphrys) and Thomas Quilty.
Bridget was of Fedamore area.

William farmed at Brittas, Co.Limerick.
They lived in the farmhouse at Brittas, beside the ruined old Brittas Castle.
"William Humphrys" is listed at Brittas in [Tithe Survey] sometime in 1823-1837. He has the largest plot in the townland.
"William Humphreys" is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852] as occupying 98 acres (with a house) in Brittas townland, leasing from 2nd Baron Cloncurry. He has the largest farm in Brittas townland.

Bridget dies, 1870:
She is listed as "farmer" at her death.
She died 20th Mar 1870, Brittas, age 68 yrs [GROI].
She was bur Abington, Co.Limerick, gravestone erected by her son Fr. David.

William evicted, 1882:
There were rent disputes between Lord Cloncurry and his tenants, starting in 1879. See general accounts in [Tierney, 1966] and [Rynne, 1960, p.14].
In 1882, Cloncurry began evicting tenants he was in dispute with.
William was evicted in old age, on 18 Apr 1882 [Marnane, 1985].
[Marnane, 1985] says William and his family then lived in "a Land League hut erected on the farm of a cousin at Boher". Land League huts were simple structures erected by the Land League for evicted tenants.
The cousin who helped would be Humphrys of Bohergar, Boher, NE of Caherconlish, Co.Limerick. There was a field known as "the hut field" at Bohergar.
Note that William's son John is later found in 1901 at Killinure, the next townland to Bohergar, and two townlands away from Brittas. This may be where the hut was.
An 1886 news item describes Fr. David Humphrys as the son of an evicted tenant. (Item reproduced in Nenagh Guardian, November 29, 1986.)

William moved to Dromloughan, Killeenoghty par, Co.Limerick (NE of Croom). (His son Michael was living at Dromloughan by 1883.)
At death William is listed as farmer, living Dromloughan.
William dies, 1886:
He died 20 Mar 1886, Dromloughan, age 92 yrs [GROI], or 19 Mar [grave].
He was bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
William and Bridget had issue:

  1. John Humphrys,
    born 1821 [census] or 1820 [age at death], Co.Limerick.
    He is listed in 1901 census at Killinure, near Bohergar. He is unmarried, living with his 3 unmarried sisters.
    As mentioned above, this Killinure location may be the field given to the evicted family by Humphrys of Bohergar.
    John later moved to Scart, Derrygalvin par, Co.Limerick (NW of Boher).
    He is listed in his brother William's will (pr 1908) as farmer, of Scart.
    "John Humphreys", farmer, of Scart, died unmarried, 18 May 1909, age 88 or 89 yrs.
    See entry in [GROI].

  2. Tom Humphrys.
    [DIB] says Fr. David was "educated primarily at home by his older brother Tom".

  3. David Humphrys,
    bapt Oct 1825 [Murroe RC par records], sp David Humphrys and Deborah Humphrys.
    See bapt entry from here. No day given. NOT Nov 1825.
    He must have died young (there is another David).

  4. Catherine Humphrys,
    born 1826, Co.Limerick.
    Listed in 1901 census with brother John and unmarried sisters at Killinure, near Bohergar.
    She is listed as spinster, of Scart, Co.Limerick, in her brother William's will (pr 1908).
    She is listed in 1911 census at Kishyquirk, Co.Limerick (Kishyquirk is next townland to Scart). She is "retired farmer", unmarried, living with unmarried sisters.
    "Catherine Humphrys", of Scart House, died unmarried, 16 Nov 1911.
    See admin of estate dated 20 May 1915. From NAI. Admin granted to Fr. David Humphrys.

  5. Mary Humphrys,
    Maria, born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 26 Dec 1829 [Murroe RC par records], sp Michael Humphrys and Eliza Water.
    Listed in 1901 census with brother John and unmarried sisters at Killinure, near Bohergar.
    Listed as spinster, of Scart, Co.Limerick, in her brother William's will (pr 1908).
    Listed in 1911 census with unmarried sisters at Kishyquirk (Scart).
    Listed as "Mary Humphreys of Brittas" on grave.
    She died 1 Feb 1916 [gravestone, Abington], age 86 yrs.

  6. Margaret Humphrys,
    bapt 29 Feb 1832 [Murroe RC par records], sp John Enright and Margaret Humphrys.
    She must have died young (there is another Margaret).

  7. Bridget Humphrys,
    born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 20 Mar 1833 [Murroe RC par records], sp Debby Humphrys.
    Listed in 1901 census with brother John and unmarried sisters at Killinure, near Bohergar.
    She died pre-1908.

  8. Margaret Humphrys,
    bapt 20 Dec 1834 [Murroe RC par records], sp David Humphrys and Maria Humphrys.

  9. Michael Humphrys,
    or Humphreys,
    born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 16 Mar 1837 [Murroe RC par records], sp Anne Humphrys.
    "Humphrys" at mar. "Humphreys" on grave.
    His wife's death notice says he was of Brittas Castle, later of Dromloughan.
    "Michael Humphrys" of Brittas registered his mother's death 1870.
    Moved in 1870-1883 to Dromloughan, NE of Croom, Co.Limerick.
    Listed as farmer at Dromloughan at mar 1883.
    He mar 12 June 1883 to Margaret O'Shea [Maggie, born 1856 (by age at mar) or 1846 (by age on grave)].
    Census says she was born Co.Tipperary. She was dau of Phillip O'Shea, farmer.
    At mar she is listed as farmer, living Ashroe, Co.Limerick.
    They mar at Murroe RC church. See mar cert from here. They were married by Fr. David Humphrys. Marriage wit by Timothy Humphrys.

    Michael's father died at Dromloughan in 1886.
    Michael proved will of his aunt Debora in 1895. He is listed as of Dromloughan.
    See Michael and Margaret listed at Dromloughan North in 1901 census. Looks like spelt "Humphrys". He is farmer.
    "Michael Humphreys" of Croom, Co.Limerick, is listed as "cousin" at Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    Listed as farmer, of Dromloughan, in his brother William's will (pr 1908).
    Probate of his brother William's will granted to him in 1908.
    See them listed at Dromloughan North in 1911 census. Spelt "Humphreys". He is farmer. It says only 2 children were ever born.
    He died 1 Dec 1915 [gravestone, Abington].
    See admin of estate, granted 13 June 1916 to John Humphreys, farmer (must be his son), from NAI, effects £1081, spelt "Humphreys".
    Margaret died 8 May 1922 at the County Hospital.
    See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, Tue 9 May 1922. Listed as "Humphreys".
    Funeral Wed 10 May 1922, bur Abington.
    Michael and Margaret had issue:

    1. Bridget Humphreys,
      born Co.Limerick,
      bapt 20 Sept 1885 [Manister RC church, SW of Croom, Co.Limerick], sp William Humphreys and Catherine O'Shea.
      She is at home in 1901 census.
      She must be Bridget Humphreys, of Dromloughan, dau of Michael Humphreys, farmer, who mar 9 Apr 1910 to John Ryan [born 1882, horse trainer]. Though it gives her age as 28 when she was only 24. They mar at St.Michael's RC church, Limerick. See mar cert from here.
      But oddly, she is then listed in 1911 census as single, at home with parents.

    2. John Humphreys,
      born Co.Limerick,
      bapt 30 June 1889 [Manister RC church], sp Patrick Mcnamara and Catherine Humphreys.
      He is at home in 1901 and 1911 census.

  10. Nicholas Humphrys,
    bapt 22 Dec 1838 [Murroe RC par records], sp Patrick Humphrys and Mary Laffan.

  11. Anne Humphrys,
    born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 7 Feb 1840 [Murroe RC par records], sp Thomas Humphrys and Catherine Mara.
    Listed as spinster, of Scart, Co.Limerick, in her brother William's will (pr 1908).
    Listed in 1911 census with unmarried sisters at Kishyquirk (Scart). Her age is imaginary.
    Listed as "Anne Humphreys of Brittas" on grave.
    She died 9 Dec 1915 [gravestone, Abington].

    John J.Egan recalled a story about the three spinster Humphrys women of Brittas, who all lived together. They were so suspicious of each other, they had three teapots. When going out, they would put a fly in the teapot so they would know if it was touched.

  12. William Humphrys, Billy,
    born 1841, Co.Limerick.
    He ran Humphrys' pub, 6 Upper Cornwallis St (later Gerald Griffin St), Limerick, from 1 Nov 1870 to his death in 1908.
    He registered father's death 1886. His address given as Dromloughan, Co.Limerick. But think this is wrong. His father and brother were living there. He would be living in Limerick.
    He registered his aunt Debora's death 1895. Living Cornwallis St.
    Upper Cornwallis St was re-named Gerald Griffin St.
    He mar ----.
    He is listed at Gerald Griffin St in 1901 census. He is "shopkeeper", married, but wife not there, spelt "Humphreys".
    "William Humphreys" of Limerick is listed as "cousin" at Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    Listed as shopkeeper, of Gerald Griffin St, at death.
    He died 10 Jan 1908.
    The pub was auctioned off after his death, think 30 Jan 1908. It was bought by John Humphrys of Boher.
    See probate of will of "William Humphreys", granted 8 Feb 1908 to Michael Humphreys, farmer (his brother) and Thomas O'Mealy, victualler, effects £891, from NAI.

  13. Fr. David Humphrys (or Humphreys),
    the famous campaigner for tenants' rights,
    born Brittas,
    bapt 18 June 1843 [Murroe RC par records], sp Mary Bourke.
    See bapt entry from here.

Grave of William Humphrys of Brittas (broken), Abington, Co.Limerick.
See full size.
See wider shot and other shot.
Photos 2009 courtesy of Richard Humphreys.


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