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This Coffey family was apparently from near Toomevara (or Toomyvara), Co.Tipperary.
They were said to be possibly related to O'Meara of Toomevara.
Frances Tierney said John Coffey was meant to be related to Humphrys.


Patrick Coffey,
of "Derrybawn, Nenagh", Co.Tipperary,
this must be Derrybane, Ballymackey par, Co.Tipperary (close to Toomevara),
mar Mary Anne Scanlan,
had issue:

John Coffey.
He mar 22nd Nov 1864 to Anne Foley [bapt 31st Oct 1839].
He farmed at Boolaglass (or Boulaglas or Ballyglass), Youghalarra par, Co.Tipperary (SE of Portroe, W of Nenagh, see map and map).
"John Coffey" and "Anne Coffey" sp bapt of their nephew Joseph Foley 1895.
"Anne Coffey" sp bapt of her nephew Thomas Foley 1899.
Anne died 1 July 1929 [gravestone, Ballynahinch], age 89 yrs. NOT 1928.
She was buried with Foley graves at Ballynahinch, Co.Tipperary.
Their children included 3 nuns and 2 priests.
John and Anne had issue:

  1. Pat Coffey, eldest,
    inherited Boolaglass, farmed there,
    mar Ellie Canigan [from near Thurles, Co.Tipperary, poss. Templemore],
    had issue:
    1. Pat Coffey.
    2. (3 daus) Coffey.

  2. Monsignor James Coffey,
    went to New Zealand,
    Monsignor at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Dunedin, New Zealand,
    died 1923, St. John's Hospital, Limerick, while on a holiday back to Ireland,
    buried in churchyard of Birdhill Church, SW of Birdhill, Co.Tipperary (see street view).

  3. Margaret Coffey,
    Maggie, born c.1870,
    mar 1900 to John Egan and had issue.

  4. Michael Coffey,
    worked as barman in Jim Humphrys' pub in Dublin,
    went to New Zealand,
    mar in New Zealand to ----, no issue,
    died in New Zealand.

  5. Fr. John Coffey.
    "John Coffey C.C." married his 1st cousin Annie McGrath in 1906.
    Chaplain in WWI.
    Listed as Curate at St.Nicholas Without parish church, Francis St, Dublin, in [Thoms, 1919, p.808].
    "John Coffey C.C." married his mother's 1st cousin Mick Humphrys to his 2nd wife, Lucan, Co.Dublin, Feb 1919.
    "John Coffey C.C." married his 2nd cousin Tim Lloyd to his 2nd wife, Dublin, Sept 1919.

  6. Nora Coffey, Honora,
    Dominican nun, "Mother Margaret", "Mother Margaret Mary",
    educ Sion Hill, Dublin,
    went to New Zealand,
    head mistress, Dominican convent school, Dunedin, New Zealand,
    died 1966, Dunedin.

  7. Annie Coffey, Anne,
    Dominican nun, "Sr. Mary Austin", "Mother Austin",
    educ Sion Hill, Dublin,
    went to New Zealand,
    died 1963, Dunedin, New Zealand.

  8. Mary Coffey,
    nun, "Sister Mary Aloysius",
    think was at one time at Presentation convent school at Ballingarry, Co.Tipperary,
    was at Presentation Convent, Clonmel, Co.Tipperary,
    died 1915, Presentation Convent, Clonmel.

  9. Catherine Coffey, Kate,
    mar Con Ryan [of Birdhill, Co.Tipperary],
    possibly had issue (or other story is they had no issue and he was their nephew who they reared):
    1. Louis Ryan, baptised in Newport by Fr.Humphrys.

  10. Josephine Coffey, Josie,
    died unmarried.

Monsignor James Coffey.
See full size.
Courtesy of Orla Kuiper-Ryan.

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