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Col. James Ryeves

From the transcript of Deed of 1627.
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Col. James Ryeves,
or James Ryves.
In transcript of Deed of 1627 he is listed as of "Strankally", Co.Waterford.
This must be Strancally Castle, Co.Waterford.
He moved to Co.Kerry.
By Deed of 1627 he acquired Carrignafeela Castle, near Tralee, Co.Kerry, from Sir Edward Denny. (Former Denny home. Denny moving to Tralee Castle.)
Ryeves lived at Carrignafeela Castle.
There was a 1638 letters patent listing every freeholder and householder on the Denny estate of Co.Kerry, including James Ryeves. This is referred to in [Hickson, 14 Apr 1897] and was possibly burnt in 1922.
He mar Alice Spring [of a family that had just settled in Co.Kerry].
They had issue:

  1. Catherine Ryeves,
    or Katherine,
    mar Edward Conway and had issue.

Extract from "Old Kerry Records" by Hickson, re-published on 2 May 1908.
Refers to a 1700 document showing William Ryeves at Carrignafeela.

Carrignafeela Castle ("McElligott's Castle"), near Tralee, Co.Kerry, on 1829 to 1842 map.

Strancally Castle, Co.Waterford

In transcript of Deed of 1627, James Ryeves is described as of "Strankally", Co.Waterford.
This must be Strancally Castle, Strancally townland, on the River Blackwater, NW of Clashmore (though on the other side of the river).
There is a new Strancally Castle some distance to the N. (Nowhere near the old ruin.)
The ruin of old Strancally Castle survives.

The ruin of old Strancally Castle on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view.

The ruin of old "Strankelly" castle.
From here.
See old postcard.

The ruin of the old castle.
From here.

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