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Richard Yielding

Richard Yielding,
bapt 3 January 1741.
Grew up in area of Rathkeale, Co.Limerick.
Mentioned in father's will 1763.
He moved around a lot (Rathkeale, Elmgrove, Booterstown) but it is clear the following is the same person.

He mar pre-1771 (and perhaps pre-1767) to Susanna Warner.
Richard Yielding of Rathkeale is party to [Deed of 1771] with his father-in-law Thomas Warner. Lands at Killabraher, Shandrum par, barony of Orrery and Kilmore, Co.Cork.
Children bapt at Rathkeale 1774 and 1775.
Richard Yielding is party to [Deeds of 1774]. He is administrator of his father's estate. Deeds concern lands in South Liberties of Limerick city.
He is Richard Yielding of Elmgrove, in the Liberties of Limerick city, who is party to [Deed of 1777]. Lands in the Liberties of Limerick. It lists his wife "Susana" and eldest son Thomas. One witness is Thomas Warner of city of Cork.
Richard Yielding of Elmgrove, Co.Limerick, is party to his brother William's marriage settlement [Deed of 1780].
He is party to lost Exchequer Bills of 1781.
He must be "Richard Yielding" of think Newtown in Co.Cork who is party to [Deed of 1788]. This must be Newtown, Shandrum par (see above). Think this is him because the "lives" on the deed are his mother "Melicent" and his brother Francis.
He is party to Bill of 26 Sept 1799.
He is listed as of Booterstown, Co.Dublin, in [Deed of 30 Dec 1799]. Susanna also party to deed. Also party to the deed is Gustavus Meredith Warner of Gardiner St, Dublin. It concerns lands at Kilcarra More, Duagh par, Co.Kerry. Also other lands in Kilbolane par, Co.Cork.
Richard and Susanna had issue:

  1. Thomas Yielding.
    Think must be born pre-1767 if party to a deed in 1788.
    [Deed of 1771] says Richard and Susanna already have issue.
    He is party to [Deed of 1788]. Says he is then of Dublin.

  2. Richard Yielding,
    baptised 22 June 1774, Rathkeale. See transcript.

  3. Elizabeth Sophia Yielding,
    baptised 31 July 1775, Rathkeale. See transcript.

  4. Susanna Jane Yielding.
    Mentioned in [Deed of 1799]. Father living Co.Dublin at this time.
    She must be Susanna Jane Yielding of Dublin, spinster, whose will was proved in 1802. See index. This will would be burnt in 1922.




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