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William Yielding, of Belview, Co.Limerick

Burial of Elizabeth Nettles, 1796.
From Magourney burial register.

William Yielding,
or Yeilding, must be born 1750-51.
Spelled "Yielding" in deeds. "Yeilding" at children's baptisms and in marriage licences.
He is NOT "William Richard Yielding". That is confusion with his grandson William Richard Yeilding.
"William" in father's will 1763.
He lived Belview, Co.Limerick. Living there at marriage 1772.

He mar 1stly, 1772, to Mary Agnes Massy [or Agnes, born 1751, dau of John Massy of Boher, Co.Limerick, by his wife Mary Agnes Studdert].
She is "Mary Agnes" in [Deed of 1772] and [Deed of 1780]. She is "Agnes" at children's baptisms and in [Deed of 1796].
"Massy" became a name in the Yeilding family.
Marriage settlement in [Deed of 3 July 1772]. He is William Yielding of Ballyphilip (Belview). His father-in-law John Massy of Boher is also party to the deed. It concerns lands at Ballyphilip (Belview) and also lands in Co.Kerry.

Children bapt at Rathkeale 1773 and 1775.
William is listed in [Deeds of 1774].
Mary Agnes died just after childbirth, 12 Mar 1775, age 24 yrs [Rathkeale CoI par records].

William mar 2ndly, 1780 [Marriage Licence, Diocese of Cloyne] to Mary Gibbings [dau of Bartholomew Gibbings of Gibbings Grove, Co.Cork].
Marriage settlement in [Deed of 14 Apr 1780]. He is William Yielding of Ballyphilip (Belview). His father-in-law Bartholomew Gibbings of Gibbings Grove is also party to the deed. It concerns lands at Ballyphilip (Belview) and also lands in Co.Kerry.
He is party to lost Exchequer Bills of 1781.
Mary died before [Deed of 1789].
William Yielding of "Belview" is party to [Deed of 1789]. This is about the inheritance of Mary Gibbings.

He mar 3rdly, 1791, to Alicia Sandys [of Co.Kerry].
Think she is of Meanus, Co.Kerry (a number of possibilities).
Marriage settlement in [Deed of 26 Dec 1791]. He is William Yielding of Ballyphilip. It concerns lands at Ballyphilip (Belview).

He mar 4thly, 1793 [Marriage Licence, Diocese of Cork and Ross] to Elizabeth Nettles.
Marriage settlement in [Deed of 17 May 1793]. He is William Yielding of Belview. She is listed at mar as Elizabeth Nettles, spinster, of Mallow, Co.Cork. A relation of Rev. Robert Nettles of Mallow.
He is still of Belview at mar 1793.
He then moved to live his last years at his new wife's family estate, Nettleville, Co.Cork. His son inherited Belview.
The 1793 marriage settlement relates to land at Nettleville and other land in barony of Muskerry, Co.Cork.
He is party to [Deed, 1795] with his brother-in-law Whitwell Butler. He is William Yielding of Nettleville. It concerns lands at Ballyphilip (Belview).
William Yielding of Nettleville is party to his son Richard's marriage settlements in [Deeds of Feb 1796].

Elizabeth died in Co.Kerry, would be July-Aug 1796.
She was buried 2 Aug 1796 at the burial ground of Nettles, Magourney Graveyard, NW side of Coachford, Co. Cork. See street view.
William Yielding witnessed [Deed of 2 Feb 1797]. Listed as of Nettleville, Co.Cork.
Admin of Elizabeth's estate granted 21 June 1797. William listed as of Nettleville.

William dies, pre-1803:
His will proved 1803. See index. Described as of Nettleville. This will would be burnt in 1922.
William had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Richard Massy Yeilding,
    of Belview, Co.Limerick,
    Richard Yeilding, bapt 21 June 1773, Rathkeale.
    See baptism transcript. See other transcript. Lists parents as William Yeilding and Agnes.

  2. John Massy Yeilding,
    bapt 2 Mar 1775, Rathkeale.
    See baptism transcript. See other transcript. Lists parents as William Yeilding and Agnes.

[Deed of 1780] and [Deed of 1796] say these two are the only children of that marriage.

Extract from MASSY in [Burkes Irish, 1976, pp.788-791].
Mary Agnes Massy here (born 1751) married William Yielding.
The husband given for Ann Massy here is probably confusion with her sister's husband.

Extract from NETTLES in [Burkes Irish, 1912].
Elizabeth Nettles (married to William Yielding in 1793) would seem to fit in as dau of Rev. Robert Nettles.
Except marriage settlement says she is spinster not widow.

Abstract from admin of Elizabeth Nettles, granted 1797.
From [Betham abstracts]. Records of the Prerogative Court of Armagh. Series 1, Admons: v. 54 "Y" 1628-1797, p.53.


Nettleville, Co.Cork

Nettleville, Nettleville Demesne, Cannaway par, East Muskerry barony, Co.Cork.
This is SW of Coachford.
Seat of Nettles family.
William Yielding lived here for a few years after his marriage in 1793 to Elizabeth Nettles.
She died 1796.
He died 1803.
Nettleville is now a ruin. See NIAH.

Nettleville, Co.Cork, on 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern satellite view. There are new buildings, and the old house a ruin to the N.
See modern street view of W entrance.

Nettleville in ruins.
Photo 2016. See full size.
From Photos of Nettleville at The Irish Aesthete.




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