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Capt. Edward Fuller


Elizabeth Blennerhassett.
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From here in Stokes family photos by Teresa Stokes. Used with permission.
See lower-quality photo of photo from here.

Capt. Edward Fuller,
of Sunday's Well, W side of Cork (see old map). This would be St.Mary's Shandon par.
Officer in Kerry Militia.

He mar July 1791 to Elizabeth Blennerhassett [bapt 17 May 1772, descendant of Edward III].
They mar at Ardfert church, Co.Kerry.
Mar licence dated 7 July 1791. See note from mar licence in [D950/1/9, p.24].
(todo) See report dated "Limerick, 25th July", in Cork Evening Post, Thur 28 July 1791.
(todo) See Dublin Chronicle, 2 Aug 1791.
On his marriage in 1791 he built Beechmount House, near Kenmare, Co.Kerry.
As well as Beechmount, Edward is also described as of Sackville, Ardfert par, Co.Kerry.
He would be Edward Fuller, of Cork, who witnessed [Deed, 2 Jan 1794] about marriage of Elizabeth's brother John.
Edward Fuller, of Cork, is party to [Marriage settlement, 19 Nov 1794] of Elizabeth's sister Louisa.

The 1798 Rebellion:
In the 1798 rebellion, Edward and his regiment fought against the rebels and the French troops in Co.Mayo. He was present at the Battle of Ballinamuck, Co.Longford, on 8 September 1798, when the French were defeated.
[Fuller, Omniana] says that Elizabeth "followed her husband - at a safe distance - from place to place" during the 1798 rebellion (May-Sept 1798). But he then confuses matters by saying: "thus it came to pass that my father was born in Carrick-on-Shannon". But his father was born years after the 1798 rebellion.

He was appointed Captain of Kerry Militia 29 Mar 1803 [List of Officers of the Militia] or 3 Apr 1803 [Treble Almanac].

Elizabeth possibly dies in 1827:
Teresa Stokes found a reference that Elizabeth died or was buried 27 May 1827, but the source for this is unclear.
[Crisp, 1904] says Elizabeth is bur "in the Blennerhassett vault at Drumavalla, Co.Kerry". (This, for her branch, must be Dromavally, Killorglin town.)
Burial not found on that date in St.Anne's Shandon, Cork, burial register (but not surprising if bur Killorglin).
No burial register survives for Killorglin.

Edward dies, 1827:
Edward died probably Mon 8 Oct 1827, South Mall, Cork, having just arrived in town.
See notice in Waterford Mail, Wed 17 October 1827.
See notice in Tipperary Free Press, Wed 24 October 1827. This says died "Monday evening last" but cannot be Mon 22 Oct because of earlier newspaper notice, and cannot be Mon 15 Oct because of burial date.
He was bur Fri 12 Oct 1827 in Fuller and Harnett vault, churchyard of St.Anne's church at Shandon, Cork.
Burial listed on this date in St.Anne's Shandon burial register [RCB].
Was NOT bur at the vanished St.Mary's Shandon. See [Fuller, 1868, p.323].
Edward and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Thomas Harnett Fuller,
    born 1806 (NOT 1808),
    [Foster's Royal Descents, vol.4, 1886] says born Sept 1806,
    grave implies born 1805.

  2. Edward Goddard Fuller.
    He died in America.

  3. John Blennerhassett Fuller,
    Jack, apparently born 1810,
    alive in 1866, see p.356 top of [Fuller, 1866],
    died without issue, 14 May 1875, Cork, apparently age 65,
    (todo) see death of John B. Fuller, [GROI], Cork, 1875, age 65 (born 1810), vol 10 p 83,
    see notice in Cork Examiner, May 18, 1875,
    see notice in Freeman's Journal, 19 May 1875.

  1. Louisa Fuller.
    She died age about 20.
    She must be the Louisa Fuller who was born 1805, bur 27 May 1826, age 21 yrs [Kenmare CoI par records].

  2. Anna Maria Fuller,
    or "Ann Fuller", Annie.
    Listed as "Anna Maria Fuller" at mar.
    She mar Aug 1836 to Ven. Nathaniel Bland [born 1809, Co.Kerry, son of Nathaniel Bland].
    See BLAND in [Burkes Irish, 1976, pp.129-130]. He was 1st cousin of her brother's wife Fanny Bland.
    They mar 23 Aug 1836 [Kilgarvan CoI par records], think not 16 Aug [Foster's Royal Descents, vol.4, 1886].
    No issue.

    Ven. Nathaniel Bland was Archdeacon of Aghadoe 1861-1885.
    He died 1885, at Hessett Rectory, near Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk. See probate.
    See [Ardfert and Aghadoe Clergy].
    Anna Maria apparently died 1905. See probate.

  3. Bessie Fuller,
    Elizabeth, Bessy.
    Listed as of "Killarney" at mar.
    She mar Oct 1836 to Sir Arthur Helps and had issue.
    They mar 27 October 1836 [Castleisland CoI par records], think not 28 Oct [Foster's Royal Descents, vol.4, 1886].

Page 24 of [Fuller, Omniana] says that Capt. Edward Fuller fought against the French in the 1798 rebellion.

Kerry Militia in [Dublin Almanac, 1806, p.95].
Lists Capt. Edward Fuller.
See full size LHS and RHS. See other photo.


Beechmount House, Co.Kerry

Beechmount House, Gortagass townland, on the main road E of Kenmare, Kenmare par, Co.Kerry
See BEECHMOUNT HOUSE in [Houses of Kerry].

Beechmount House, near Kenmare, on 1829 to 1842 map.
See 1887 to 1913 map and modern map.

Beechmount House on modern street view.



Burial of Louisa Fuller, 27 May 1826 [Kenmare CoI par records].

Memorial to Ven. Nathaniel Bland.
See full size. From here.

Beautiful Regency-era portrait

Written on this is a note saying this is Jane Harnett, wife of William Fuller, which would date this around the 1720s-1730s.
Except it could not be her. This is an "Empire" dress with classical-style hair in curls.
This is 1795-1820 fashion, not 1700-1750 fashion.
See larger and full size.
From here in Stokes family photos by Teresa Stokes. Used with permission.
See lower-quality photo of photo from here.

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