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Things to do for Letitia Blennerhassett - British and Irish regiments at Tarbert

British and Irish regiments stationed at Tarbert around 1806

British and Irish regiments stationed at Tarbert Island around 1806.

Regiments in Ireland


Regiments at Tarbert


Local militia at Tarbert

"Tarbert Yeomanry" would refer to one of the following.

  1. Tarbert Regiment (founded 1779, disbanded 1793)
  2. Tarbert Cavalry (founded 1796)
  3. Tarbert Infantry (Fencibles) (founded 1799, disbanded 1802)

Ships at Tarbert

William Ponsonby at Tarbert

William Ponsonby, son of Baron Ponsonby (and distant relation of Richard Ponsonby of Tarbert) served in the 5th Dragoon Guards and would have been at Tarbert in 1808.

Letters from him might mention a local Richard Ponsonby scandal.

John Ponsonby, born 1713, son of Earl of Bessborough, had issue:

  1. William Ponsonby, 1st Baron Ponsonby, born 1744, mar Louisa Molesworth, had issue:

    1. John Ponsonby, 1st Viscount Ponsonby, born 1770.

    2. William Ponsonby (and here), born 1772,
      joined 5th Dragoon Guards 1798,
      would have been in Ireland 1805-08,
      married in 1807 to Georgiana FitzRoy,
      would have been at Tarbert in 1808,
      still with the 5th Dragoon Guards when they went to the Peninsular War in 1811,
      killed at Waterloo 1815,
      (todo) see DIB and DNB.

    3. Richard Ponsonby, Bishop of Derry.
    4. Mary Ponsonby, born 1776, mar Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey.

  2. George Ponsonby, born 1755, Lord Chancellor of Ireland from 1806 to 1807.

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