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The Blennerhassett problem - Things to do - More

Things to do - Blennerhassett problem (more)

Any things to do apart from the current theory: The Baronets theory
and the abandoned theory: The Letitia theory.





  1. ROWAN in [ffolliott, Cork, Kerry]
  2. ROWAN in [O'Hart]. Can't see any pedigree in [O'Hart, 1892].
  3. ROWAN in [Foster's Royal Descents, 1887] p.378, 590

  4. "Kilmelchedor", A. B. Rowan, Kerry Archaeological Magazine Vol. 1, No. 8 (Apr., 1912), pp. 467-476.


  1. William Shiercliffe and Rowan mar settlement, 1722

  2. Pedigree of Rowan, [NLI] GO Ms 112, pp.211-3, microfilm POS 1230 and 8295



Known articles:
  1. Arthur Blennerhassett mar 1797.

Things to search for:

  1. Arthur Blennerhassett duel 1832

Other Dublin

  1. [RIA]
    • Have searched all Fuller papers.
    • Have gone through card index for all references to FULLER in Academy Minutes (VII and VIII) and Council Minutes (XXV). Have seen all these. They record many donations of books and material to the RIA by Fuller.

Other Ireland

  1. Blennerhassett graves:
    • Ballyseedy - Old graves have no inscriptions.
    • Ballymacelligott


  1. Go through known ones again. Images now online.

  2. done first pass of BLENNERHASSETT in 1758-1812
    (todo) see transcripts of the following ones of interest:

    Grantor Grantee Date Vol Page No
    Col. John Blennerhassett, MP, of Ballyseedy Richard Ponsonby of Crotto 1743 (registered 1760) 207 209 137138
    Arthur Blennerhassett and wife Sheircliffe 1758-68 196 77 129189
    Gerald Blennerhassett Harding 1758-68 239 370 158825
    Col. Arthur Blennerhassett of Arabella House, and his wife Arabella James Carrique Ponsonby 1782 349 52 232866

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