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James Carrique Ponsonby

James Carrique Ponsonby, MP for Tulsk, listed in [Dublin Almanack, 1777].
See full size.

James Carrique Ponsonby, MP,
of Crotto, Co.Kerry,
born James Carrique, 1738.
He was educ TCD. Entered 1754, age 16. See entry in [TCD Alumni].
He (with his father) changed his name to Carrique Ponsonby in 1762.
He did NOT mar 1stly to Cookson. This is confusion with his brother-in-law Charles O'Hara (the younger).

He mar May 1766, Dublin, to Mary O'Hara [born est c.1742, descendant of Henry VII].
James in [Deed, 1769] takes possession of a property in Clare St, Dublin (see map). Deed witnessed by Rowland Blennerhassett of Dublin (the future 1st Baronet).
In [Deed, 1770] he transfers the Clare St, Dublin, property to his father-in-law Charles O'Hara (the elder).
MP for Tulsk 1776-83.
Mary's father died 1776 (her mother had died in 1759).

James and Mary separated in 1778.
[Ms 36488/7] has deed dated 14 Aug 1778, implementing their separation agreement. It says that they "for diverse weighty causes and considerations them thereunto moving are come to a full and final resolution to live separate and apart".
James undertakes to pay her a very comfortable £500 per year while they lived apart (which would look like she was blameless in the separation, though see below). He transfers land in Co.Limerick to her brother Charles. The return from this will be her income.

He may be "James Ponsonby" who is Lieutenant Colonel in the Kerry Legion as at 1779 [Fuller, 1919].
[Deed, 1829] says the original inheritance at the marriage settlement 1766 was £6,000 off lands in Co.Limerick, and the said lands were exchanged by Act of Parliament 1781-82 for other lands in Co.Kerry.
High Sheriff of Co. Kerry 1781-82.

[History of the Irish Parliament] says: "In 1782 his wife was said to have run away with Lord Bellomont".
But they were already separated at this time, so maybe she got to keep her £500 per year.
"Lord Bellomont" is Charles Coote, 1st Earl of Bellomont.

James was MP for Tralee 1783-90. See [Kerry MPs].
[History of the Irish Parliament] outlines his career in Parliament and says: "He voted solidly for the government".
[Ms 36488/8] shows James and Mary as still separated in 1783.
He died Dec 1796, age 58 yrs [Ms 20608].
He would be bur in Ponsonby tomb in Kilflynn churchyard. Though tomb has inscription "W.P. 1795". Seems like his son erected it before father died.
Mary died 8 Nov 1798, according to Letter of 8 July 1805 from her son William.
She definitely died before 1799.
[Deed, 1829] said James and Mary had only two children.
James and Mary had issue:

  1. William Ponsonby,
    born 1770, Co.Kerry (age 17 when entered TCD in 1787),
    William Carrique Ponsonby, of Crotto, eldest son.

  2. Richard Ponsonby, born est c.1773,
    Richard Carrique Ponsonby, of Crotto, younger son,
    [Ms 20608] says he reached age 21 in father's lifetime, i.e. born in 1770 to 1775. See p.1 and p.2.

Crotto in [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].

Signature of James Ponsonby on deed of separation, 1778, [Ms 36488/7].
See larger. See other signature.

Signature of Mary O'Hara on deed of separation, 1778, [Ms 36488/7].
See larger. See other signature.

James Carrique Ponsonby, MP for Tulsk, listed in [Dublin directory, 1783].
When in Dublin at the Irish House of Commons his residence was in Merrion Square.
See also photo.

Crotto in [The Post-chaise Companion, 1786, p.180].


Ponsonby tomb in Kilflynn churchyard

Vault of Ponsonby of Crotto, Kilflynn Church of Ireland graveyard, Kilflynn, Co.Kerry.
See map and street view (note that the street view further down the road is out of synch).

Inscription says "W.P. 1795". Does not say "J.P. 1795".
[JMD] agrees it says "W.P. 1795".
So apparently erected by James Ponsonby's son William Ponsonby in 1795 for his father, before his father died in 1796.


Ponsonby tomb in Kilflynn churchyard.
Photo 2013. See larger and full size.
See 2016 shot.

Close-up of inscription on Ponsonby tomb.
Photo 2013. See larger and full size.
See other shot.
Bones are visible inside the vault through the hole. See 2016 photos of LHS inside and RHS inside.




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