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Capt. Thomas Blennerhassett

Thomas Blennerhassett described as Captain in the Kerry Militia at baptism of his daughter in Tralee in 1801.

Capt. Thomas Blennerhassett,
of Tralee and of Cork.
Captain in the Kerry Militia ("Kerry Legion" corps) at Tralee.
He mar, licence 30 Apr 1791, to Mary Blennerhassett [born 1767].
See note from mar licence in [D950/1/9, p.24].
Children bapt at Tralee 1792 to 1801.
Listed as of Tralee in [Deed, 1793].
He is Thomas Blennerhassett of Tralee who is party to [Marriage settlement, 1794] of his sister Louisa.
He is described as Captain in the Kerry Militia at dau's baptism 1801, still living Tralee.
He was apparently the eldest surviving son after his father died 1804.
He would be "Thomas Blennerhassett of Tralee" who is party to Deed of 31 Mar 1806, relating to his sister Letitia.

He moved in 1806 to Cork.
He is described in [Deed, 17 Nov 1806] as Thomas Blennerhassett of Cork, formerly of Tralee, Captain in Kerry Militia.
[Deed, 1810] concerns various lands in Co.Kerry which were devised to Thomas Blennerhassett of Cork by Thomas Fuller Harnett.

Thomas dies, 1822:
He died 19 May 1822, at Brussels, Belgium (NOT 17 May, NOT 1825).
See notice in Freemans Journal, 31 May 1822.
See notice in Dublin Weekly Register, 1 June 1822.
(todo) See notice in Correspondent (or Dublin Correspondent), 1822.
(todo) See Sligo Journal, 5 June 1822.

Mary is listed in 1841 census as living with her (possibly deceased) daughter Letitia's family at Inver Villa, Stamford Brook, London.
Mary is listed in 1851 census as living with her deceased daughter Letitia's family at 15 Kensington Crescent, London.
Mary dies, 1859:
She died 28 Dec 1859, Kensington Crescent (dau's family's house), age 92 years.
See notice in Dublin Evening Mail, 2 January 1860.
Thomas and Mary had issue:

  1. John Blennerhassett,
    bapt 10 June 1792, Tralee, see entry in [Tralee Protestant par records].

  2. Louisa Blennerhassett,
    bapt 4 July 1794, Tralee, see entry in [Tralee Protestant par records],
    mar --- Wade,
    she died 1847, age 53 yrs.

  3. Henry Blennerhassett,
    born pre-1802, probably born c.1797.
    He is mentioned in grandmother's will 1802.
    He became a Lieutenant in the 1st Venezuelan Rifles.
    This was an Irish regiment recruited in 1818 by John Devereux that went to fight for Simon Bolivar against Spain in the Venezuelan War of Independence (1811-23).
    Henry went to Venezuela 1819.
    He died soon after arrival.
    He died 26 Sept 1819, Margarita Island, off N coast of Venezuela.

  4. Eliza Blennerhassett,
    Elizabeth, born pre-1802.
    She had a child born 1844, but her 1st marriage was 1816. Hence probably born c.1799.
    She is mentioned in grandmother's will 1802.

    She mar 1stly, 23 Nov 1816, to Robert D. Brady [or David John Brady, of Dublin and London].
    They mar at St.Andrew Holborn, London.
    See p.32 and p.54 of [D950/1/9].
    At 2nd mar she is listed as "Elizabeth Blennerhassett (alias Brady)".
    She mar 2ndly, 2 Nov 1840, to William Henry Garvey [born 1817] and had issue.
    See marriage licence dated 1840. She was a lot older than her 2nd husband.

  5. Charlotte Blennerhassett,
    born 7 Oct 1801 [by age at burial],
    bapt 7 Oct 1801, Tralee. See entry in [Tralee Protestant par records].
    She died in infancy, bur 18 Oct 1801, age 11 days.
    See note in [D950/1/9, p.29].

  6. Charlotte Blennerhassett,
    Charlotte Ann,
    bapt 30 June 1803 [Foster's Royal Descents, vol.4, 1886].
    Note there is a gap in Tralee par records for 1803-04.
    See note in [D950/1/9, p.28].
    Listed as 3rd dau (3rd surviving dau) on grave.
    Looks like "Charlotte Blennerhassett" wit her sister Letitia's mar 1830 (hard to read).
    She died unmarried in Italy.
    She died 25 Dec 1834, age 31 yrs, at Pisa, Italy.
    She was bur Old English Cemetery at Livorno (Leghorn), Tuscany, Italy.

  7. Goddard Blennerhassett,
    died without issue.
    He might be "Goddard Blennerhassett" who mar 7 July 1825 at St Bride's, London, to Elizabeth Hemmingway (marriage licence 2 July 1825).

  8. Conway Blennerhassett,
    born 1808, Cork,
    educ TCD, entered as "pensioner" 3 May 1824, age 16,
    see entry in [TCD Alumni],
    died without issue, 17 Aug 1825, age 17, at Boulogne-sur-mer, France.

  9. Arthur Blennerhassett,
    died without issue.

  10. Letitia Blennerhassett.
    She was a "minor" at mar 1830. Unclear what age this implies. This may imply born post-1809.
    Same name as aunt Letitia. Thomas must have been fond of his sister.
    She mar 15 Nov 1830 (licence 8 Nov 1830) at St.George's church, Bloomsbury, London, see entry,
    to Dr. William Bruce and had issue.

Baptism of John Blennerhassett in 1792 in Tralee.
This is a bit confusing. The Rector, who signs his name at the bottom here, is Rev. John Blennerhassett. He is baptising his own grandson, son of his son Capt. Thomas.
The confusing part is that Rev. John names the father "Thomas Blennerhassett Junior".
The explanation would be that Rev. John had a brother Thomas, so to him his own son Thomas was "Thomas junior".

A reading of the grave of Charlotte Blennerhassett in Livorno, Italy.
Age is obviously false.
From "English and American inscriptions in the old (and now closed) Protestant cemetery in Leghorn", p.113 of [MGH] 3rd series, vol.2 (1898).
Above is from p.114.


Signatures of Capt. Thomas Blennerhassett


Signature of "Thomas Blennerhassett of Tralee" in Deed of 31 Mar 1806.

Signature of Thomas Blennerhassett in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in Apr 1806.
Clearly the same person.
See full size.

Signature of Thomas Blennerhassett in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in Apr-May 1806.
Clearly the same person.
See full size.

Signature of Thomas Blennerhassett in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in May 1806.
Clearly the same person.
See full size.

Signature of "Thomas Blennerhassett of Cork" on memorial of Deed of 1810.
This is the same person.


Thomas Blennerhassett, merchant, in Cork, 1809-10


Capt. Thomas might have left the army in 1806 and become a merchant in Cork.
He might be "Thomas Blennerhasset", merchant, Morrison's Island, listed in Cork in [West's Directory of Cork, 1809-10].
There is also a "Blennerhasset & Robinson", merchants, listed on Mannix St (now Exchange Street / O'Connell Square, see map).
Note there is no Blennerhassett person or business listed in Cork in [Holden's Directory of Cork, 1805 or 1809].

Morrison's Island, Cork, on 1801 map.
This is now the area W of Morrison's Quay (see modern map).

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