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Goddard Blennerhassett


Death notice for Goddard Blennerhassett describes him as Lieutenant in Royal Navy.
From Chutes Western Herald, October 7, 1833.

Goddard Blennerhassett, born 1802.
He was educ TCD. Entered 4 Nov 1816, listed as age 14. BA Summer 1821.
See entry in [TCD Alumni].
He mar Sarah King [Sally, born Ireland, dau of Sir Abraham Bradley King, 1st Baronet].
Marriage licence dated 9 Aug 1821. See index. See note in [D950/1/9, p.32].
Sarah is listed as age 39 in 1851 census (born 1812) and age 49 in 1861 census (born 1812). But this is far too young. These ages are clearly wrong. She was probably around Goddard's age, born c.1802.

Goddard served in Royal Navy.
Death notice says he was a Lieutenant.
Confusingly, he had an uncle Goddard Blennerhassett who was a Commander (and acting Captain) in the Royal Navy and who outlived him.
[Bill Jehan] had a reference that he was listed as a Commander in Royal Navy in "Deaths and Removals in the RN 1833" in "HT" 27 Jan 1834. But this may be an error. Death notice says he was only a Lieutenant. Aldo the reference "HT" is unexplained. This may be an error for "Hibernian Chronicle" or "Dublin Hibernian Journal". Original needs to be tracked down.

Goddard dies, 1833:
He died 3 Oct 1833, Dublin, age 31 yrs.
See death notice in Chutes Western Herald, October 7, 1833.
See notice in Belfast Newsletter, 15 Oct 1833.
See notice on p.478 of the Gentleman's Magazine, Nov 1833.
Listed as "attorney" in dau Mary's mar cert 1865. Maybe confusion with his father.
Listed as of "independent means" on death cert in 1906 of his dau Mary.

Sarah married 2ndly, 1833-40, to William Douglas Fleetwood and had issue (a son born 1840).
She is described on her death cert in 1870 as widow of William Douglas Fleetwood, gentleman.
He must be "William Douglas Fleetwood" listed as becoming a Cornet in the army on 1 Nov 1833. See notice in The London Gazette, 1 Nov 1833, p.1992.
He must be "William Douglas Fleetwood" who appears in a legal case in Dublin in 1839. See item in Freemans Journal, November 4, 1839.
1851 census says Sarah's son with Fleetwood was born in Ireland in 1840.
They seem to have gone to Liverpool by 1844.
"William Douglas Fleetwood" is listed as a member of the Royal Mersey Yacht Club at Liverpool in 1844. See item in The North Wales Chronicle, 12 Nov 1844, p.2.
He must be "William Douglas Fleetwood" who died in London in 1847, age 32 (born 1815, would be a lot younger than Sarah), and was buried 10 Aug 1847 at Kensal Green Cemetery, London. Plot 6979. See burial record from here. See other register from here. His address at death is Bedford Hotel, Covent Garden, London.
He definitely died pre-1851.

Sarah is listed in 1851 census at 1 Albert St, Liverpool (off Paddington, see 1851 map). She is a widow.
She is living with dau Anne in Liverpool in 1861 census. She is widow.
She died 23 Dec 1870, West Derby, Liverpool.
(todo) See death of Sarah Fleetwood, [GRO.UK], 4th qr 1870, West Derby, vol 8b p 472. Death registered by Stanley Sutton (son in law or grandson).
She would be Sarah Fleetwood, of 116 Mill Rd, Liverpool, who died 1870, said to be age 59 (born 1811) but must be older, who was bur 30 Dec 1870, Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool. See burial register. See

Goddard and Sarah had issue:

  1. John Blennerhassett, born 10 Feb 1825,
    bapt 5 Mar 1825 [Monkstown CoI par records, Co.Dublin].

  2. Anne Blennerhassett,
    or Ann, born Dublin, 1829 (according to 1891 census) or 1830 (according to 1881 census).
    She is listed as age 27 in 1861 census (born 1834) but this is clearly too young to have a child born 1848.
    She mar pre-1848 to Stanley Sutton and had issue.

  3. Elizabeth Blennerhassett,
    Elizabeth Frances Blennerhassett.
    Admin of remaining estate of her uncle Capt. Aldworth Blennerhassett granted to her 1859.
    In 1859 she is unmarried, living Mostyn Arms Hotel, St.Asaph, North Wales.
    She mar July 1861 to Rev. Thomas C. Wilson.
    She died pre-1881.

  4. Ellen Blennerhassett, born 1832,
    living in Wales in 1861 and 1871 with her aunt Harriet Dawson King,
    living Clifton, Bristol in 1881, unmarried,
    will dated 14 July 1881,
    died 16 Aug 1881, Clifton, age 49 yrs,
    admin granted 19 Dec 1881.

  5. Mary Blennerhassett,
    Mary Rachel Blennerhassett,
    "Mary Rachel Maria Fryer formerly Blennerhassett" on dau's birth cert 1860,
    born Ireland.
    1851 census has her age 16 (born 1834-35). She must be born 1834 after father's death.
    She is "Blennerhassett" in 1851 census, not "Fleetwood", so is dau of Sarah's 1st marriage not 2nd.
    Also her mar cert 1865 lists her as dau of Goddard Blennerhassett.
    Also her death cert 1906 lists her as dau of "Arthur Goddard Blennerhassett".

Goddard Blennerhassett branch in pp.593A - 593B of [Foster's Royal Descents, vol.4, 1886].
Says Sarah died 23 Dec 1870.

Goddard Blennerhassett branch in [Burkes Irish, 1976].
Says Sarah mar 2ndly to Fleetwood.
Will of John Blennerhassett, 1855 says Sally Fleetwood is widow of his son Goddard.

The family in Liverpool in 1851 census.
Shows Blennerhassett and Fleetwood together.
Shows the widowed Sarah Fleetwood (born in Ireland) and her daughter Mary Blennerhassett and her son by Fleetwood.
See full size.

The family in Liverpool in 1861 census.
Shows the widowed Sarah Fleetwood (born in Ireland) and her daughter Anne Blennerhassett and her grandson Stanley Sutton the future musician.
See full size.

Mary Blennerhassett's marriage in 1865.
Shows she is dau of Goddard Blennerhassett.
See full size.

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