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Judge Robert Day

Judge Robert Day.
From Gerald O'Carroll.


Judge Robert Day,
Hon. Justice Robert Day, Bob, judge, MP,
born 1 July 1746.
See Wikipedia.
See entry in Day genealogy by Linda Eccles.

He mar 1stly, 1774, to Mary Potts [Polly].
Friend of Grattan.
He built Day Place in Tralee, 1794 (or poss. 1805).
Day Place is a row of fine Georgian houses on Prince's St, W side of Tralee town (see map and street view).
Mary FitzGerald joined the household as a companion for Day's wife and later nurse for her. Day had a long-term affair with Mary FitzGerald and had two sons. He later married her, after his wife died.
He was a friend of O'Connell.
He was the judge in the Rowan Cashel trial 1816.
Retired 1818, age 72 yrs.
Mary Potts died 1823.
He had issue by 1st wife Mary Potts:

  1. Elizabeth Day,
    Betsy, born 1778 or 1779,
    mar 1794 or 1795 [her age 16] to Sir Edward Denny, 3rd Baronet and had issue.

He mar 2ndly, 1824, to Mary FitzGerald (with whom he already had two sons).
He died 1841, age 95 yrs.
He had issue by 2nd wife Mary FitzGerald:

  1. Rev. John Day,
    born 1797 [from age at death].

  2. Rev. Edward Day,
    born 1804 [from age in 1861 census],
    had issue:

    1. Col. John Day,
      John George Fitzgerald Day, born 1854.
      He mar Ella Home [Eliza Blanche Home].
      Both of them researched the Day family history. See their papers in [RIA].
      Col. John died 1931.
      Ella is "Ella B. Day", the author of [Day, 1938].

Judge Robert Day.
From Gerald O'Carroll.

Cover of [O'Carroll, 2004].
From Gerald O'Carroll.



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