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Sir Edward Denny, 3rd Baronet

Sir Edward Denny, 3rd Baronet.
Portrait dated 1821.
In possession of Denny family.
See larger and full size.
See two portraits of Elizabeth Day in The Old Kerry Journal, Volume 5, 2018.

Sir Edward Denny, 3rd Baronet (see here),
of Tralee Castle, Tralee, Co.Kerry.
He succ in Oct 1794.
He mar 26 May 1795 to Elizabeth Day [born 1779, descendant of Edward I].

Rebuilding and eventual demolition of Tralee Castle, 1804-1826:
The 3rd Baronet tried to modernise ancient Tralee Castle.
First he erected a more modern building at Tralee, in 1804, which ran into the old castle. But it didn't really work and he ceased to live there.
Left Tralee Castle in 1807-1810 and moved to England.
Lived at Kingsend House, Powick, near Worcester, Worcestershire.
Both the old Tralee Castle and the new building fell into disrepair.
Tralee Castle with the new extension was painted in 1824.
His father-in-law Judge Robert Day writes angrily on 13 July 1824 about a long-standing rift between them. Day writes about his son-in-law's "unnatural malignancy against the man who has saved the House of Denny from dissolution".
It must be said that Day was quite a terrifying figure, and had biting words about many people in his letters.

3rd Baronet finally demolished Tralee Castle in 1826, after it had defined Tralee for 600 years.
See Limerick Chronicle, 19 Apr 1826.
Denny Street was laid out at the site in 1826. Named after the original Sir Edward Denny. Georgian houses. The finest street in Tralee. Some of the stone from Tralee Castle was used in the Georgian buildings on Denny St, and some of its timber to make their doors.

Elizabeth died 27 April 1828. She was bur in Powick churchyard, Worcestershire.
3rd Baronet was MP for Tralee 1828-1829 (NOT his son). Returned unopposed in by-election 12 Sept 1828.
Resigned as MP 1829 (by-election to replace him 9 June 1829).
See his will dated 1831.
He died 1 Aug 1831. He was bur in Powick churchyard, Worcestershire.
3rd Baronet and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Sir Edward Denny, 4th Baronet,
    born 2 Oct 1796.
    He had started looking for political support as at 1816.
    MP for Tralee 1818-1819 (this is NOT his father). Returned unopposed in general election, 29 June 1818.
    Resigned as MP 1819 (by-election to replace him 29 May 1819).
    He succ as Baronet 1831.
    He stood as Conservative in election for MP of Tralee in general election, 14 Dec 1832. He was beaten by Daniel O'Connell's son Maurice O'Connell.
    The Dennys represented the old Protestant order. The O'Connells represented the rising Catholic middle class. The Blennerhassetts tended to support the Dennys.
    He researched and preserved the Denny family history.
    He died 1889.

  2. Rev. Henry Denny,
    born 10 June 1802,
    mar Sophia McGillycuddy and had issue:

    1. Rev. Edward Denny, born 1835,
      Rector of Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry, 1878-81,
      had issue:

      1. Sir Henry Denny, 7th Baronet,
        Rev. Henry Lyttelton Lyster Denny,
        born 10 Sept 1878.

  3. Rev. Anthony Denny,
    born 30 June 1807.
    Rector of Tralee 1831-1862.
    Archdeacon of Ardfert 1861-1884.

  4. William Denny,
    born 29 Oct 1810.
    He is probably "William Denny, of Strand St, Tralee" who stood unsuccessfully as a Conservative against Maurice O'Connell in Tralee in general election of 1835 and general election of 1852.

Letter of 1806 where Judge Robert Day talks of how he has tried and failed to get his son-in-law the 3rd Baronet to abandon Tralee Castle and build a country house. Instead he tried to rebuild Tralee Castle, before deciding it did not work and abandoning it.

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