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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents

  The George Cashel family
(proven descendants of Robert Blennerhassett)


Robert Blennerhassett, of Annaghgarry, Co.Kerry

Frances Yielding listed as one of the "lives" of [Deed of Sept 1728] before her marriage.

Robert Blennerhassett,
born est c.1705.
Descendant of Edward III.
See Wikitree.

He was of Annaghgarry, near Killorglin, Co.Kerry.
Some sources (but apparently not in his lifetime) describe him as of "Mount Rivers" or of Annaghgarry House, which were meant to be two separate Blennerhassett houses, both in Annaghgarry townland. But contemporary records just describe him as "of Annaghgarry" or "of Killorglin". We suspect "Mount Rivers" did not exist or at least was not used as a name for a house at Annaghgarry until a later period.
He is party to [Deed of Nov 1728] with his widowed mother. About the family property at Annaghgarry.

He mar 1728-1733 to Frances Yielding.
Robert is listed as "of Killorglin" in [Exchequer Bill of 1736].
Robert Blennerhassett of Annaghgarry is party to his dau's marriage settlement [Deed, June 1758].
Robert Blennerhassett of Annaghgarry is party to his dau's marriage settlement [Deed, Feb 1762].

Robert dies, 1765:
His will dated 17 July 1765. "Robert Blennerhassett of Killorglin". Wife Frances.
He died July-Sept 1765.
His will was proved at Ardfert and Aghadoe, 16 Sept 1765, according to [D950/1/9].
Though index says proved 1766.
Frances is party to [Deed of Mar 1766] about Yielding property. Husband must be dead.
She is NOT Frances Blennerhassett of Dublin whose will was proved 1771. That is a different Frances.
Robert and Frances had issue:

  1. Belinda Blennerhassett.
    "Black Jack's Book" says she has been born as at 1733.
    She mar pre-1765 to Charles Hurly and had issue:

    1. Mary Hurly,
      mar Tallis Eagar and had issue.

  2. Henry Blennerhassett.
    "Black Jack's Book" says he has been born as at 1735.

  3. Alice Blennerhassett,
    mar 1758 to James Eagar and had issue.
    Marriage settlement in [Deed, June 1758].
    See entry part 1 and part 2 in [Eagar pedigree, 1840].

  4. Millicent Blennerhassett.
    She mar Tallis Eagar [bapt 1 June 1729] and had issue.
    Marriage settlement in [Deed, Feb 1762]. She is written as both "Millycent" and "Millicent" in the same document.
    See entry in [Eagar pedigree, 1840].

  5. Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 1st Baronet,
    of Blennerville, Co.Kerry,
    and of Churchtown, Co.Kerry.
    [Debrett's Baronetage, 1815] and [Burkes Peerage] say born 1741.
    Death notice and [Foster's Royal Descents, vol.4, 1886] say age 81 when died 1821, so born 1740.
    "Rowland" was the name of Frances Yielding's grandfather Major Rowland Bateman.

  6. Arthur Blennerhassett,
    of Fortfield, Co.Kerry,
    born est c.1745.
    Written as "Arthur Blennerhassett Robert" (refers to his father) in [Deeds of 1774 and 1777] and 1790 will and [Deed, Nov 1821] and [Deed, Jan 1841].
    NOT written as "Arthur Robert Blennerhassett". This is a mis-reading of his will.

  7. Sarah Blennerhassett.
    She would be Sarah Blennerhassett of Tralee, spinster, who wit [Deed, Oct 1770] involving her brother Rowland.
    She mar 10 Sept 1776 to John Eagar and had issue.
    See entry in [Eagar pedigree, 1840].


Notes on multiple "DNA proven" lines

Normally, when two cousins are DNA matches, you can take it that their lines to the common ancestor are now DNA proven.
This is more complex when the cousins are related in multiple ways.
Many of our DNA matches below Robert Blennerhassett and below his brother-in-law Richard Yielding actually have multiple lines of descent. Which line is the DNA match proving?

We could in theory say that when there is a choice of lines, neither line is DNA proven since the DNA could have come through the other line.
Far more likely is that the DNA is showing up because both lines are true.
Remember these descents are proved already, from documents. We are just talking about whether they are also proved by DNA.

We mark all of these lines as DNA proven.


Extract from "Black Jack's Book".
Shows Robert and Frances and their two oldest children. Younger children not born yet.
This is pp.22-23 of MS 7937 (this section written 1735).

Transcript of the previous. From p.46 of [Hickson, 1872].




Will of Robert Blennerhassett

The will of Robert Blennerhassett was dated 17 July 1765.
The will was burnt in 1922. However notes survive, made before the fire.
See notes in [D950/1/9, pp.8-9].

The George Cashel family

Our family descends from George Blennerhassett Cashel (born 1807). His mother was meant to be a Blennerhassett.
The question of how our family descends from Blennerhassett is the "Holy Grail" of my family tree research.
In 2020, a combination of documents and DNA finally proved that my family must descend from Robert Blennerhassett and Frances Yielding.
The page: Proof of our descent from Blennerhassett explains the following findings.

Following the family story:

  1. "Letitia Blennerhassett".
    Named as "Letitia" in my family history, but no such daughter is found in the Blennerhassett family.
    The family story is she was a Protestant, who ran away with a Catholic and was disinherited, and had a child George Cashel (born 1807).
    [PAT/10, p.3] says she became a Catholic herself.
    Her son George Cashel was Catholic (though this may have been through his marriage in 1838).
    She mar Edward (or George) Cashel and had issue.

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