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William Carrique (later William Carrique Ponsonby)

William Carrique Ponsonby (formerly William Carrique).
From [Ponsonby, 1929].
As at 1929 this portrait was in the possession of Richard Ponsonby Blennerhassett.
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William Carrique (later William Carrique Ponsonby),
born est c.1713 (by date of entering TCD).
He was educ TCD. Entered Feb 1729-30. See entry in [TCD Alumni].
He mar Margaret Crosbie.

Inherited Crotto, adopted name Ponsonby:
Inherited Crotto from his uncle Richard Ponsonby, on condition that he take the name Ponsonby.
[Ponsonby, 1929] thought he changed to Ponsonby in 1729, but this is clearly false, since his son is still "Carrique" when entering TCD in 1754.
[Ms 20608] says William was still "Carrique" in 1735.
[TCD Alumni] says he adopted name Ponsonby in 1762, when his uncle made his will. Changed name to "William Carrique Ponsonby".
Inherited Crotto when his uncle died in 1763.

Tralee church held a silver paten, the gift of "William Ponsonby" to the church of Kilflynn in 1764.
He is William Carrique Ponsonby in abstract of deed of 1765.
He was party to his son's [Marriage settlement, 1766].
He was party to 1770 case.
He is William Carrigue Ponsonby, of Cloghers, Co.Kerry, whose will was pr 1782.
Margaret's will proved 1793 [Betham's Abstracts].
William and Margaret had issue:

  1. James Carrique Ponsonby, MP,
    of Crotto, only son,
    born James Carrique, 1738, Co.Kerry (age 16 when entered TCD in 1754),
    later (with his father) changed to Carrique Ponsonby in 1762,
    ancestor of Carrique Ponsonby (or sometimes Carrigue Ponsonby) of Crotto.

When James entered TCD in 1754, he was just "James Carrique", not James Carrique Ponsonby.
From [TCD Alumni].

Extract from p.3 of 1770 case.
Shows it was a condition of Richard's will that William change his name.
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