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Michael Sheehy listed at Ardbohil in [Tithe Survey, 1825].

Proof that Michael Sheehy's wife is Mary Donovan:
  1. [Cussen, 1962] did not name the Donovan girl who married Michael Sheehy.
  2. But Michael Sheehy's death at an advanced age in 1889 shows his wife was then still alive.
  3. There is only one female Sheehy found dying in Rathkeale or Croom unions in [GROI] after 1889 who is old enough to have had a child in 1823. This is Mary Sheehy, widow, found dying in Rathkeale at an advanced age in 1890.
  4. Also, there is a Michael Sheehy and Mary Donovan couple in Rathkeale at the right time, and some of their children match (see below).
This must be her.

Michael Sheehy,
Mick, born 1798.
See entry in tree by Paddy Waldron.
He mar pre-1823 to Mary Donovan [born 1802].
They lived Ardbohil, Rathkeale par, Co.Limerick.
"Michael Sheehy" is listed at Ardbohil in [Tithe Survey, 1825], holding 42 acres.
At dau Maria's mar 1868 he is listed as farmer, though his dau is living with her brother Henry at Fort William.
Listed as farmer at son's mar 1871.
Still alive when his son Henry died 1882.
Admin of son Henry's estate granted to him 1883. He is farmer, living Ardbohil.
Listed as farmer, Ardbohil, at death.
He died 24 Sept 1889, Ardbohil, age 91 yrs.
See death entry in [GROI].
He was bur Askeaton.
His status is given as "married" at death, which shows his wife fl 1889.
Mary is listed as farmer's widow at death.
She died 12 Mar 1890, Rathkeale, age 88 yrs.
See death entry in [GROI].
They had issue:

  1. Henry Sheehy,
    "Black Harry", born 1823.
    He wit his sister Ellen's mar 1849.
    He did not marry.
    He lived at Fort William House, Rathkeale par, near Ballingarry, Co.Limerick.
    He was a member of the Ossianic Society (devoted to revival of Irish literature).
    Henry Sheehy of "Fort William, Ballingarry" listed as a member on p.319 of "Transactions of the Ossianic Society for the year 1856", Vol 4, pub 1859.
    His sister Maria was living at Fort William in 1868 when she married at nearby Ballingarry.
    NIAH says the current Fort William House was built c.1870. "outbuildings dating to earlier nineteenth century ... The outbuildings may contain fabric from the original Fort William House."
    He is listed at Fort William in Freeman's Journal, 5 June 1875.
    He was one of the executors of will of his uncle Daniel Donovan 1876, listed at Fort William.
    Listed as farmer, bachelor, at death.
    He died before his father.
    He died 3 Sept 1882, at Fort William, age 59 yrs.
    See death entry in [GROI].
    See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 7 Sept 1882.
    He was bur Askeaton.
    See admin of estate, granted to his father 19 Feb 1883, in [NAI]. From here. Effects £2727 (very wealthy).

  2. Ellen Sheehy,
    mar 20 Feb 1849 [Rathkeale RC par records] to Patrick Donnell,
    mar wit by Henry Sheehy and Catherine Sheehy,
    [Cussen, 1962] lists him as Pat O'Donnell,
    he was of Killeedy, Killeedy par, Co.Limerick (see map).

    The following are listed as nephews of John Sheehy at his funeral in 1894:

    • Rev. M.A. O'Donnell.
    • H.F. O'Donnell.
    • P.E. O'Donnell, solicitor.

  3. John Sheehy,
    John Francis Sheehy, born 1831.

  4. Maria Sheehy,
    born 1834, Co.Limerick.
    She is living Fort William House at mar.
    She mar 2 June 1868 to Thomas McDonnell [Thomas John McDonnell, Tommy, born 1830, Co.Limerick, son of John McDonnell, farmer].
    They mar at Ballingarry RC church, Co.Limerick. See mar record in [GROI]. Mar wit by Michael Donovan and Mary Costelloe.
    See [Ballingarry par records]. This says mar wit by Michael O'Donovan and May Costelloe.
    At mar Thomas is listed as farmer, of Scart (would be Scart, Nantinan par, Co.Limerick).

    Maria and Thomas inherited Fort William House from her brother Henry (who died 1882).
    Thomas is listed as farmer at Fort William in [Slater's Directory, 1894].
    He is listed as one of the Magistrates for Co.Limerick in [Thom's, 1901].
    See them listed at Fort William in 1901 census. He is magistrate and farmer. They have 2 domestic servants, 1 dairy and domestic servant and 1 farm servant living with them.
    Maria died pre-1922.
    Thomas died at Fort William, 19 Jan 1922, age 92 yrs.
    Death registered 1925. See death cert from here. He is "farmer".
    Thomas J. McDonnell of Fort William is still listed as one of the JPs for Co.Limerick in [Thom's, 1923].
    Thomas J. McDonnell of Fort William is still listed as one of the former JPs for Co.Limerick on p.1206 of [Thom's, 1925].
    Maria and Thomas had issue:

    1. John C. McDonnell,
      born 1870, Co.Limerick,
      at home in 1901 census.
      Registered father's death 1925. Living Fort William.

    2. Kathleen McDonnell,
      born 1872, Co.Limerick,
      at home in 1901 census.

    3. Michael V. McDonnell,
      born 1873, Co.Limerick,
      "Michael McDonnell" listed at funeral of his uncle John Sheehy in 1894,
      at home in 1901 census.

    4. Henry J. McDonnell,
      born 1875, Co.Limerick,
      at home in 1901 census.

  5. Jane Sheehy,
    [Cussen, 1962] is wrong to say she died young,
    since she wit her brother's mar 1871.

  6. Joe Sheehy, born 1839, Rathkeale,
    of the Square, Rathkeale, Co.Limerick,
    farmer and horse dealer,
    mar Maria McCarthy,
    "Joseph Sheehy, Rathkeale, brother" was a chief mourner at the funeral of John Sheehy in 1894,
    listed as "farmer" at dau's wedding 1895,
    Maria died pre-1901,
    he is listed at The Square, Rathkeale, in 1901 census, he is "Farmer and Horse Dealer", they have one domestic servant,
    he is listed at The Square, Rathkeale, in 1911 census, he is "Farmer and Horse Dealer", they have one servant,
    had issue:

    1. Mary Sheehy,
      Mary Bridget Sheehy, bapt 6 Apr 1875 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp Michael Sheehy and Charles McCarthy,
      living Rathkeale at mar,
      mar 9 Sept 1895, Rathkeale RC church, to Thomas O'Regan [of Rathkeale, son of Maurice O'Regan, shopkeeper],
      see entry in [GROI], mar wit by Patrick O'Regan and Mary Anne O'Regan,
      had issue:

      1. Frances O'Regan, born 1898, Rathkeale,
        staying with grandfather in Rathkeale in 1911 census.

    2. Michael Sheehy, born Rathkeale,
      bapt 7 July 1880 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp Michael Fitzgibbon and Catherine McDonnell,
      Michael Sheehy, of Rathkeale, is listed as nephew of John Sheehy at his funeral in 1894,
      at home in 1901 census, working in father's business,
      at home in 1911 census, he is "Farmer and Horse Dealer".

    3. Catherine Sheehy, born Co.Limerick,
      bapt 8 Feb 1884 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp Michael O'Donnell and Maria Brigt. Sheehy,
      at home in 1901 census.

  7. Jerry Sheehy, died young.


As discussed above, Michael Sheehy and his wife must be identical with the following:

Michael Sheehy,
mar Mary Donovan [or Maria],
had issue:

  1. Janett Sheehy, bapt 14 Oct 1834 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp Henry Sheehy and Margaret Sheehy, see image.

  2. Edmond Sheehy, bapt 13 Oct 1838 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp Michael Costelloe and Hana. Donovan.
    He must be Edmond Sheehy listed as shopkeeper, postmaster, at Ballingarry in [Slater's Directory, 1894].
    He might be Edmond Sheehy, Army pensioner, who died unmarried, 17 Feb 1905, Rathkeale, age 70 (born 1835), see entry in [GROI].

  3. Anne Sheehy, bapt 25 May 1843 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp John Sheehy and Hana. Sheehy.

  4. Jeremiah Sheehy, bapt 1 Feb 1847 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp Joe O'Donovan and Kate O'Donovan.

The only other Michael Sheehy found in Rathkeale par records:

Michael Sheehy,
mar Bridget Sheehy,
had issue:

  1. Joseph Sheehy, bapt 16 Jan 1841 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp John Cussen and Mary Sheehy.

Henry Sheehy listed at Fort William in "Transactions of the Ossianic Society for the year 1856", pub 1859.

Sheehy grave, Askeaton

Sheehy family grave at St. Mary's, Askeaton, Co.Limerick. See street view.
Both Protestants and Catholics are buried here beside the Protestant church.
See other Sheehy grave.

Sheehy grave, Askeaton.
Photo 2013. See full size.


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