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Brittas, Co.Limerick

The old ruined Brittas Castle, and the farmhouse beside it.
Brittas townland, Caherconlish par, Co.Limerick (see map).
Not to be confused with Brittas House, which is a bit to the W.

Brittas Castle used to have a massive keep, with an enclosed courtyard, and a surrounding moat.
It was the seat of Sir John Bourke of Brittas. It was besieged in 1607. Sir John was arrested and executed for his Catholic faith.
See [Tierney, 1966] and [Tierney, 1990].

Standish Grady of Elton got a lease of Brittas, Co.Limerick (which must be this place) in 1672.
Brittas Castle was destroyed in 1691.

A later Standish Grady of Elton held nearby Garranebane and Scartvavaryeoge since [Deed, 1734].
Standish Grady held Brittas, Co.Limerick, as at [Deed, 1737].

[Deed, 1810] seems to shows that John Humphrys of Glenstal had Brittas in 1810.

William Humphrys lived at Brittas (in the farmhouse, not in the castle).
William is listed at Brittas in [Tithe Survey] sometime in 1823-37. He holds the largest plot in the townland.
He is listed at Brittas in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852]. He holds the largest plot in the townland.
He was evicted in old age in 1882.
Humphrys family apparently got back into Brittas in 1890s.
Humphrys family sold Brittas.
Humphrys are gone from Brittas by 1901.

Brittas Castle.
View from the road to the N.
Click to rotate. From Google Street View.
See satellite view.

Screenshot of above.

Entries at Brittas in [Tithe Survey] sometime in 1823-37.
From here.
William Humphrys holds 60 acres, the largest plot in the townland.

Brittas Castle on 1829 to 1842 map.

Entries for Brittas on p.20 of [Griffiths Valuation, 1852].
"William Humphreys" holds 98 acres, leasing from 2nd Baron Cloncurry. He has the largest plot in the townland. He has the 3rd biggest house in the townland. He sub-lets out a small house with no land.

The numbering on the map linked to [Griffiths Valuation] at does not match the plot numbers in the text.
However, we can see that the Humphrys farm is plot 3 on the map and the Humphrys house is 3a.

Brittas Castle on 1887 to 1913 map.

Brittas Castle.
Photo 1985.
See larger and full size.

Brittas Castle.
Photo 1985.
See larger and full size.
See also photo in [Tierney, 1966].

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