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My wife's ancestors - Fitzwilliam - Contents

William Fitzwilliam, 3rd Viscount Fitzwilliam

Remains of Church of St.Nicholas Within, Dublin.
Photo 2010. From here.
See similar 2012 shot (and side shot).
See street view.

William Fitzwilliam, 3rd Viscount Fitzwilliam (see here and here),
born est c.1610.
He was living in Dundrum Castle at the time of the outbreak of the Rebellion in Oct 1641. He was loyal to the crown. He was driven out of Dundrum Castle by the rebels.
The rebels in turn were driven out of Dundrum Castle in Jan 1642.
He served with his brother in France 1642. He was Lieutenant colonel.
Lieutenant-General of Shropshire during English Civil War.
Living in Dundrum Castle again as at 1646.

He mar Mary Luttrell [born est c.1620, descendant of Edward I].
The Fitzwilliams had left Dundrum Castle by 1653, and did not live there again.
After the Restoration 1660 he lived at Simmonscourt Castle.
He succ his brother as 3rd Viscount 1667.

Mary died pre-1673 [Complete Peerage].
[Complete Peerage] says 3rd Viscount died pre-1673.
Though [Ball, vol.2, 1903] says he died 1675, attended by a Catholic priest, in the parish of St.Nicholas Within, Dublin (the area just in front of Christ Church, on the S side of it).
He was bur Donnybrook church.
3rd Viscount and Mary had issue:

  1. Thomas Fitzwilliam, 4th Viscount Fitzwilliam,
    born est c.1645.

  2. Mary Fitzwilliam.
    She mar May 1685 to John Browne [born 1651, son of Thomas Browne, of Clongowes, Co.Kildare].
    Thomas Browne had purchased the medieval castle at Clongowes (or Clongowes Wood) in 1667.
    John died 27 Jan 1693, age 42 yrs [Burkes Irish, 1912].
    He was said to be bur St.Audoen's church, Dublin, and later reburied at Mainham graveyard, W of Clongowes, Co.Kildare.
    But burial not found in St.Audoen's parish records for Jan 1692-93 or Jan 1693-94. Not found either in St.Audoen's burial transcripts in [Ms 2063].
    It is probably confusion with his wife, who was bur at St.Audoen's.
    See scan of memorial at Mainham in Kildare Cemetery Records.

    Mary died 19 May 1693.
    She was bur 20 May 1693 in St.Audoen's [St.Audoen's par records].
    She is listed in St.Audoen's burial transcripts on p.102 of [Ms 2063]. Note on that page that 1794 is an error for 1694.
    She was later reburied at Mainham, Co.Kildare.
    They had issue:

    1. Stephen Fitzwilliam Browne,
      born est c.1686.
      He mar 1stly to his 1st cousin --- Fitzwilliam.
      He mar 2ndly, 1710 [Turtle Bunbury] or post-1722 [Burkes Irish, 1912] to Judith Wogan and had issue.
      He built new seat at Clongowes, Co.Kildare, 1718.
      It became known as Castlebrowne or Castlebrown.
      He died 1767.
      Clongowes was sold out of the family in 1814.
      It became the famous Clongowes Wood College, one of Ireland's oldest Catholic schools.

Burial of Mary Fitzwilliam (who married John Browne) inside the church of St.Audoen's, Dublin, on 20 May 1693.
From [St.Audoen's par records].

Clongowes, Co.Kildare

Clongowes, Co.Kildare, on 1829 to 1842 map.

Mainham graveyard, W of Clongowes, on 1887 to 1913 map.
The Wogan-Browne Mausoleum is just outside Mainham graveyard (to the S).
See modern satellite view.

Wogan-Browne Mausoleum, Mainham.
From the late Hermann Geissel.

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