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Mount Merrion House - Model based on map of 1762

A model of Mount Merrion House, Co.Dublin, in the time of the 6th Viscount Fitzwilliam.
Made by Oliver Murphy.
Based on map by Jonathan Barker, 1762.
Photos at Mount Merrion 300 exhibition 2011.

Map of Mount Merrion House and estate, by Jonathan Barker, 1762.
Up is W.
See original PNG.
From Mount Merrion 300. Used with permission.

The model by Oliver Murphy based on the map.
Up is W.
At front (E side) is the main Dublin road and the high wall.
Shows at the front the diagonal entrance to the farm/stables (now entirely gone) and the main E avenue.
The gardens are to the W and S of the stables.
In the Deerpark is the Shell House and the Ice House.
Running off to the N (to the right here) is the N avenue.
See full size and other angle.

Looking up the main E avenue.
See full size and similar shot.

The stables, the Lodge and the main block.
See wider shot.

Looking up the now-vanished diagonal avenue into the farm/stables.
See full size.

The stables, the Lodge and the main block.
From above.

Looking up the N avenue.
See full size.

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