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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Hugh Gibbon

William Forbes Gibbon listed in 1897 as owning (by descent) a portrait of Provost George Skene.
From p.183 of [Munro, 1897].

Hugh Gibbon (see here),
born 19 Oct 1812,
from Aberdeen,
went to India,
mar at Agra, N India, 5 Nov 1834 [East India Register] to Delia Claxton [born 7 Mar 1815, bapt 23 July 1815, Fort William, Calcutta, dau of William Claxton],
they lived Gorakhpur district (also written as "Gorruckpore" or "Gorrockpore"), Uttar Pradesh state, N India,
at son's birth 1838 he is "grantee and planter" living at Birdpore (now Birdpur), some distance N of Gorakhpur (near Nepal border, see map),
he died Gorakhpur, 19 Nov 1844, age 32 yrs [grave],
died or bur 20 Nov 1844 ["Gorukpore Burial Register - British India Office Burials at Gorukpore"],
bur Gorakhpur, but memorial on grave at Nigg Bay,
will pr 1844, Bengal region [Bengal Wills: Transcription of wills],
had issue:

  1. Fanny Gibbon,
    she must be the unnamed dau of Hugh Gibbon who was born 25 Nov 1835 at Gorakhpur [East India Register].

  2. William Gibbon,
    William Forbes Gibbon,
    not to be confused with his 1st cousin William Forbes Gibbon,
    born 14 Feb 1838 at "Birdpore Gellah", N of Gorakhpur [East India Register],
    bapt 11 Dec 1839 at Gorakhpur, see bapt entry.
    He is listed as "indigo planter" at mar 1869.
    He mar 15 Feb 1869, at Meerut, India, to Margaret Ann Jane Vincent [born 1847, Meerut, dau of George Villers Vincent]. See mar entry.
    At dau's bapt 1871 he is listed as "indigo planter" living at Birdpore, "an outstation of" Gorakhpur, India.
    He was living in England as at 1881 census.
    They are listed in [UK census, Apr 1881] as living Seaford Grange, N of Pershore, Worcestershire. He is listed as "Farmer 240 Acres, Employing 15 Men, 4 Boys & 6 Women".
    He is "William F. Gibbon, Pershore" who is listed in [Munro, 1897] as a known descendant of Katherine Skene and David Ædie.

    He died 1906, Kensington district, age 68 yrs.
    Margaret is listed in 1911 census at Weston Lodge, 4 Adelaide Road, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire (see map). Her husband's 2nd cousin Florence Gibbon is staying with her.
    William and Margaret had issue:

    1. Emily Vincent Gibbon,
      born 2 Aug 1870, Gorakhpur, India,
      bapt 12 Feb 1871 at Birdpore, Gorakhpur,
      see bapt record,
      at home in 1881 census,
      at home, unmarried, in 1911 census.

  3. Margaret Gibbon, "Maggy",
    born 6 Dec 1839 at Gorakhpur [East India Register],
    bapt 11 Dec 1839 with her brother at Gorakhpur, see bapt entry,
    mar 1872, Bengal region (includes Calcutta) [Bengal Marriage Indexes] to William J. Jones and had issue,
    living in Calcutta as at 1872.

  4. Barbara Gibbon,
    Barbara Weekes Gibbon,
    born 1 Nov 1841, Budhpur, India,
    bapt 30 Jan 1842, Fort William, Calcutta,
    mar 22 Jan 1872, St. Peter's Church, Fort William, Calcutta [Bengal Marriage Indexes]
    to George Warren [George Francis Warren, born 1844, The Tyrol, Italy, son of Frederick Skinner Warren],

    living in Calcutta as at 1872,
    listed in 1891 census at Stanton, Suffolk,
    listed in 1901 census at Odessa House, 80 Belvedere Road, Upper Norwood, London,
    listed in 1911 census at Odessa House, 80 Belvedere Road, Upper Norwood, he is "Retired Estate Manager, India",
    she died 9 Mar 1912, age 70 yrs, at 42 Harold Road, Upper Norwood,
    probate granted 2 May 1912,
    he died 22 Apr 1917, age 73 yrs, at his home, Odessa House, 80 Belvedere Road, Upper Norwood,
    (todo) see death notice, The Bury Free Press, Saturday, May 5, 1917, page 8.
    For their issue see tree by Wyndham Marsh.

  5. Edwin Gibbon,
    born c.July 1842,
    died 19 Jan 1849, age 6 years 6 months,
    bur 19 Jan 1849, Gorakhpur.

William, Maggy and Barbara mentioned in Letter of 22 Mar 1872 from Barbara Yates Gibbon.
She is amazed at Maggy's marriage.


Seaford Grange, Worcestershire

Seaford Grange, E of Peopleton, N of Pershore, Worcestershire. See map.

Seaford Grange, Worcestershire.
From old map. Surveyed: 1884. Published: 1885.

Seaford Grange on modern map.

Seaford Grange.
From street view.
The lost portrait of Provost George Skene was here as at 1897.

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