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Anthony Scott,
born 1803, in Southwick, Sunderland (W side of Monkwearmouth, N side of Sunderland).
He was a "potter" or "earthenware manufacturer".
[Wyllie, 2020, p.317] says he was "one of the Scott family who produced the famous lustreware at their potteries near the River Wear in Southwick".
Scott's Pottery, Southwick, was founded 1788 or 1789. It was on the river at Southwick, beside Thompson's Shipyard.

Anthony mar 1840 to Barbara Yates Gibbon [born 1809].
He must be the Scott running Scott's pottery at Portobello, Edinburgh, for a time. See [Bedford, 1966, p.38].
Barbara's widowed father died at Portobello in 1848.

Anthony and Barbara lived Southwick, Sunderland.
He is listed at High Southwick (the area on the N side of Southwick) on p.531 of 1858 Post Office Directory of Durham.
He is listed as "earthenware manufacturer" at children's deaths 1864.
Two of their children died in March 1864.
After her children died, she wrote to her 1st cousin Arthur Augustus Gibbon from Southwick, 14 June 1864: "My dear Arthur, my early life was beset with trials, but I never had such a fiery one as this."
See long letter of 10 Oct 1869 from her to her aunt. Barbara and Anthony are on holiday, at Queens Hotel, Ambleside, in the Lake District. She says "my son and daughter" are at home.

Barbara researched the Gibbon family tree:
She drew up family tree in 1872 from records in her father's writing in a family bible that once belonged to her great-grandfather William Gibbon.
See page of notes on Skene in 1872.
See family tree letter in 1872.

Barbara and Anthony are listed in 1881 census at 56 High Southwick, Southwick. He is "Retired Potter". They have 2 servants.
(todo) See death of Barbara Yates Scott, 4th qr 1891, age 83 (born 1808), [GRO.UK], Sunderland, 10a 486.
Anthony and Barbara had issue:

  1. Joanna Harrison Scott,
    born 1846,
    think NOT Johanna.
    She died 3 Mar 1864, High Southwick, age 18 yrs.
    [GRO.UK] says she died of scarlet fever.
    She was bur Southwick churchyard.

  2. Anthony Scott.
    He fl 1872.

  3. Elizabeth Scott.
    Elizabeth Pearson Scott.
    Referred to as "Lizzy" in 1869 letter and 1872 letter.
    She fl 1872.

  4. Robert Scott,
    Robert Gibbon Scott, born 1854.
    He died 8 Mar 1864, High Southwick, age 10 yrs.
    [GRO.UK] says he died of scarlet fever.
    He was bur Southwick churchyard.
    His heartbroken mother says about the two children in 1864 letter: "I lost them in one week".

Southwick on 1862 map.
Showing ship building, pottery and High Southwick.
Note "Scott's Bank", whose name may come from Scott's Pottery (which presumably was at the end of it).
"Southwick Pottery" here may be Scott's Pottery.
See modern map.

Scott's pottery.
From section on Southwick pottery.
From pp.37-38 of [Bedford, 1966].

Modern blue plaque at Scott's Bank, Southwick.
From 2021 article.
See street view.


1864 letter

Barbara Yates Gibbon writes on 14 June 1864 to her 1st cousin Arthur Augustus Gibbon after her children died.

"My dear Arthur, my early life was beset with trials, but I never had such a fiery one as this. ... I had had 17 years of rest" [since her father died] "- not only rest but as much happiness as could fall to the lot of a human heart. ... As it is, a curtain has fallen down never to be raised on this side of Jordan."





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