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William Gibbon of Viewfield

"William Gibbon junior" captains the Diamond on a whaling expedition in the Greenland seas in 1811.
This is probably this William, who was known as "William Gibbon junior" (even though his father was not William).
From p.134 of [Clark, 1921].

William Gibbon of Viewfield,
born Oct 1772.
See wikitree.
He is described as "merchant" of Aberdeen at mar.

William mar 1797 to Margaret Forbes [born 1774 or 1776].
She was dau of William Forbes, of Echt and Springhill, merchant, by his wife Elizabeth Arbuthnot, dau of Dr. Thomas Arbuthnot, son of John Arbuthnott, son of Robert Arbuthnot, 2nd Viscount of Arbuthnott.
2nd Viscount of Arbuthnott descends from George Gordon, 4th Earl of Huntly, who descends from James IV, King of Scotland and Edward III.
William and Margaret mar 15 June 1797 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
Though mar notice in Aberdeen Journal says they mar at Springhill (his wife's home).

William and Margaret lived Viewfield, Aberdeen.
He is described as "merchant" at children's baptisms, and "merchant" of Aberdeen in brother Arthur's marriage contract 1815, and "merchant" in his burial notice.
Described as "Sailor" at son's burial 1800.

William dies, 1823:
He died at Viewfield, 19 July 1823, age 50 yrs, leaving her with 10 children from age 6 to 25.
See death notice in Aberdeen Journal.
He was bur 24 July 1823 at Nigg Bay.

Margaret left Viewfield immediately.
She is "Mrs. William Gibbon" listed at various addresses thereafter:

Margaret dies, 1852:
[Letter of 22 Feb 1852] by her sister-in-law Elizabeth Gibbon says: "I fear Mrs. Gibbon is in a bad state of health". This must refer to her.
She died 1 July 1852, "in her 76th year" [grave] or age 78 yrs [burial record].
She was bur 7 July 1852 at Nigg Bay.
The "Misses Gibbon" (her unmarried daughters Elizabeth and Barbara) are listed at 6 Bon Accord Square in [Aberdeen Directory] 1854-55.
William and Margaret had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Gibbon,
    born 20 June 1798 [grave, Nigg Bay],
    bapt 4 July 1798 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    Would be named after grandmother on mother's side.
    She didn't marry.
    Lived with widowed mother in Aberdeen.
    She and sister Barbara are listed as living at 6 Bon Accord Square, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen Directory] 1854-55.
    She later lived 152 Crown St, Aberdeen.
    She died 152 Crown St, 11th Mar 1888, age 89 yrs.
    Death notice in Aberdeen Journal describes her as last survivor of family of late William Gibbon of Viewfield.
    She was bur Nigg Bay.

  2. Robert Gibbon,
    born 26 Oct 1799,
    bapt 12 Nov 1799 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    After grandfather on father's side.
    He died 25 Mar 1800, age 5 months.
    He was bur 27 Mar 1800 at Nigg Bay. See entry.

  3. William Forbes Gibbon,
    born 15 Dec 1800,
    bapt 24 Dec 1800 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    Would be named after grandfather on mother's side.
    Went to India.

  4. Robert Gibbon,
    second Robert, born 27 Mar 1802,
    bapt 19 Apr 1802 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    Would be after grandfather on father's side.
    He was the only son that did not go to India.

  5. Arthur Gibbon,
    born 29 Oct 1803 (NOT March),
    bapt 10 Nov 1803 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    He died 2 July 1804, age 8 months.
    He was bur 5 July 1804 at Nigg Bay.

  6. James Gibbon,
    born 4 July 1805,
    bapt 19 July 1805 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    He died 19 Sept 1815, age 10 yrs.
    He was bur 23 Sept 1815 at Nigg Bay.

  7. Barbara Gibbon,
    born 19 Sept 1806,
    bapt 9 Oct 1806 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    After grandmother on father's side.
    She didn't marry.
    She died 3 Apr 1869, age 62 yrs, bur Nigg Bay.

  8. Thomas Gibbon,
    born 8 Dec 1807 (NOT 1808),
    bapt 24 Dec 1807 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    Went to India.
    He died at "Tirhoot" (Tirhut), N India, 17 Feb 1860, age 52 yrs.
    He would be buried abroad, but name on memorial at Nigg Bay.

  9. Arthur Gibbon,
    second Arthur, born 3 Apr 1809 (NOT May),
    bapt 17 Apr 1809 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    Went to India.
    Lived Meerut, in Uttar Pradesh state, NC India.
    Listed at death as "merchant", of Meerut.
    He died Meerut, 27 Apr 1833, age 24 yrs [memorial on grave at Nigg Bay], [East India Register].
    He was bur 27 Apr 1833, Meerut [Meerut burial register].

  10. George Gibbon,
    born 28 Feb 1811,
    bapt 24 Mar 1811 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    Went to India.

  11. Hugh Gibbon,
    born 19 Oct 1812 (NOT Sept), Aberdeen,
    bapt 14 Nov 1812 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    Went to India.

  12. John P. Gibbon,
    John Pirie Gibbon, born 1815.
    Went to India.
    He died at Gorakhpur, 4 Oct 1848, "in his 33rd year" [Nigg Bay inscription].
    He would be buried abroad, but name on memorial at Nigg Bay.
    Will pr 1849, Bengal region [Bengal Wills: Transcription of wills].

  13. James Gibbon,
    second James, born 1817.
    Went to India.

Location of Viewfield, Aberdeen.
From 1912 map of Aberdeen.



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