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Rev. Richard Germon

(Left) Rev. Richard Germon. See larger and full size.
(Right) Elizabeth Gibbon. See larger and full size. See other shot. See back.

Rev. Richard Germon (see here and here),
born 26 May 1856.
Apparently educ St Mary Hall, Oxford. He graduated with a B.A.
He was tutor around 1880 of Arthur F.V. Gibbon [born 1866].
[House Book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon] has an entry: "Towards Testimonial to Mr. R.M. Germon" on 16 June 1880.
In [UK census, Apr 1881] he is listed as "Teacher B.A. S.M.H. Oxford", lodging with the Pearman family at Four Ashes Lodge, Enville, Staffordshire.
As at 1881 he is "curate", St. Catherine's church (or St. Katherine's), Withleigh, W of Tiverton, Devon (see map). The church was part of Tiverton parish.
The Gibbons rented Brook Cottage, Dawlish, Devon, from Oct 1881 to Apr 1882.
The Gibbons rented Elm Cottage, Tiverton, from Mar 1886 to Mar 1893.
Withleigh was made a separate parish in 1886.
He was Vicar of Withleigh, Devon, 1886-1912.

He mar 3 Nov 1886 [NOT 8 Nov] at St.Peter's Church (see map), Tiverton, Devon,
to Arthur Gibbon's sister Elizabeth Gibbon ["Lily", born 27 July 1864, descendant of Edward III].
See notice in The Times, 9 Nov 1886.
(todo) See [GRO.UK] 4th qr 1886.
He was Vicar of Withleigh until 1912. Census says older children were born at Withleigh 1888-93. Later they lived at nearby Tiverton.
They are listed in 1901 census at St.Andrew St, Tiverton (see map).
They are listed in 1911 census at Charlton Cottage, West Exe, SW side of Tiverton. See Charlton Cottage on 1889 map from This is now the entrance to Heathcoat Primary School. See street view.

They moved to Uplowman, NE of Tiverton, Devon (see map).
He was Vicar of Uplowman, Devon, 1912-22.
They lived at Uplowman Rectory.

From 1923 to 1931 they lived at Upleigh, Braunton, near West Down, far N of Devon (see map).
Elizabeth died 13 Oct 1932, age 68 yrs. She was possibly bur Tiverton.
In 1934 he was living Deanscourt, Braunton, Devon.
His son became vicar nearby at West Down in 1935.
He died 28 Mar 1942, Aberlawe (or poss. Abertawe), Hillsview, Braunton, Devon, age 85 yrs.
He was poss. bur at vicarage, West Down (where his son was vicar), or poss. bur Tiverton.
Rev. Richard and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Dick Germon,
    Richard Arthur Germon,
    born Withleigh, Tiverton [census], 28 Nov 1888, NOT 1889,
    (todo) see [GRO.UK] 2nd qr 1889,
    lived USA,
    mar Annie Ingvarda Berg and had issue:

    1. Dick Germon [Richard],
      mar Nancy ---- and had issue.

  2. Herbert Germon,
    Nicholas Herbert Germon,
    born Withleigh, Tiverton [census], 12 Nov 1889,
    (todo) see [GRO.UK] 4th qr 1889.

  3. Cecilia Mary Germon,
    think NOT Cecelia, born 25th Nov 1891, Tiverton district,
    died the following day, 26th Nov 1891, Tiverton district.

  4. Rev. Frank Germon,
    Frank Harcourt Germon,
    born Withleigh, Tiverton [census], 10th Mar 1893,
    (todo) see [GRO.UK] Tiverton district, 2nd qr 1893.
    He is at home in 1911 census, listed as "architect's clerk".
    He became Anglican cleric.
    Went to New Zealand.
    From 1930 to 1933 he was curate in Taumarunui diocese, Waikato region, North Island, New Zealand.
    Deacon 1930. Priest 1931.
    In 1933-34 he was priest-in-charge at Piopio, Waikato region, New Zealand (see map).

    He returned to England.
    From 1935 to 1942 he was Vicar at West Down, N of Braunton, far N of Devon. His father lived nearby at Braunton.
    He mar 15th Aug 1936 to Mary Hellings (Beatrice Mary), no issue.
    He was Vicar of West Down with Bittadon (E of West Down) 1940.
    His father died at Braunton, 1942.
    From 1942 to 1952 he was Rector (or Vicar) of Meavy with Sheepstor, near Yelverton, W Devon (see map).
    Mary fl 1948.
    From 1952 to 1963 he had permission to officiate in Diocese of Exeter.
    As at 1963 he was living in flat C, 175 Blatchcombe Rd, Paignton, Devon.
    He died 23rd Nov 1975 at Exmouth, E Devon, age 82 yrs.
    See Rev. Frank Germon in Biographical Directory of Anglican Clergy of New Zealand (see sources).
    (todo) See Clergy List, London, George Cox.

  5. Charles Medland Germon,
    born 21st Aug 1897, Tiverton district,
    died 15th Oct 1898, Tiverton district, age 1 yr, one family paper says 15 Sept.

  6. John Germon,
    John Theodore Germon,
    born 19 May 1905, Tiverton district,
    bapt Sun 18 June 1905 at Withleigh church.
    See entry in a diary of June 1905.
    He went to New Zealand.
    He mar Norah Alice Poulson [born 30 June 1922, Auckland, New Zealand, poss. Nora].
    She died 13 Aug 2004, Huntly, New Zealand, age 82 yrs.
    They had issue:
    1. (dau) Germon.

[Germon family trees] also list the following 3 children.
But this would conflict with 1911 census, which says they had 6 children born, with 4 still living in 1911.
Ann Germon says the following 3 are not children of Rev. Richard:

  1. Leslie Germon (son), born 1900, Tiverton district,
    died 1900, Tiverton district.

  2. May Germon, born 1901, Tiverton district.

  3. Winifred Germon, born 1901, Tiverton district.

Withleigh church, Devon.
From street view.
See Geograph.


Uplowman, Devon

Rev. Richard Germon and Elizabeth lived in the magnificent 18th century Rectory at Uplowman, Devon, in 1912-22.
Some distance NE of the church. See satellite view.
After WW2 it ceased to be the Rectory. The church sold it in 1948.
It was re-named Uplowman House.
The Queen's cousin, Margaret Elphinstone, lived there from 1952 to 1973 with her husband Denys Rhodes.
See her memoir of life at Uplowman.

Uplowman rectory.
From old map. Surveyed: 1887. Published: 1889.

Uplowman Rectory.
View from SW. Photo Feb 1921, in Germon's time.
The veranda along the side has since been removed.
See original and full size original.

Uplowman House (former Rectory).
View from SW. Photo 2011.
See larger and full size.
From here.

Uplowman House.
For sale as at 2015.
From Country Life.

Uplowman House. View from E.
From street view.


Rev. Frank Germon


(Left to Right) Rev. Frank Germon, Elsie Briggs, Mary Hellings, Edward Stanger.
Photo in Devon.
Scan 1999. Original photo has been destroyed.

Back (Left to Right): Rev. Frank Germon, Mary Hellings, Gerard Gibbon.
Centre: Mary's parents.
Front: John Gibbon.
Rectory garden, Meavy, summer 1948.
Scan 1999. Original photo has been destroyed.

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