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Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire. See map.
Burial place of the Earls of Pembroke.
They are buried in the choir (or "quire"). The vault is "under the choir steps".
There is a memorial beside the S door of the choir, on the inside.

2nd Earl of Pembroke was buried here in 1601.
Lady Mary Sidney was buried here in 1621.
3rd Earl was buried here in 1630.
4th Earl was buried here in 1650.
5th Earl was buried here in 1669.
Catherine Villiers was buried here in 1678.
Margaret Sawyer was buried here in 1706.
8th Earl was buried here in 1733.


Memorial to the Earls of Pembroke.
To the LHS of the door here, which is the S door of the choir, Salisbury Cathedral.
Click to rotate. From here.

Partial plan of Salisbury Cathedral, showing the choir.
S is to the right.
See full plan. From here.

Memorial to the Earls of Pembroke.
Beside S door of the choir, Salisbury Cathedral.
This is clearly an old memorial, erected soon after the death of the 4th Earl in 1650.
Re-set by 16th Earl in 1963. He added Lady Mary Sidney's epitaph.
See larger.
Photo 2012. From here.

Salisbury Cathedral.
Published 1798. From here.
See more images of the cathedral.

Lady Mary Sidney's epitaph

Lady Mary Sidney died in 1621. She was buried in Salisbury Cathedral.
The following epitaph was written at the time, but was apparently not put on her grave.
It was added to the plaque at Salisbury Cathedral in 1963.

Underneath this sable hearse
Lies the subject of all verse,
Sidney's sister! Pembroke's mother!
Death, ere thou hast slain another
Fair, and learn'd, and good as she,
Time shall throw a dart at thee!

Epitaph to Lady Mary Sidney (in print, not on grave).
Ascribed to the poet and dramatist Ben Jonson (died 1637).
But apparently was written by the poet William Browne (died c.1645).
See [Jewitt and Hall, 1881].

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