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Jack Humphrys


Jack Humphrys.
On "R.H.C." hurling team (unidentified).
Courtesy of Nora Humphreys.
See larger and full size. He is 4th from LHS in front.
His brother Jim is in back.

Jack Humphrys,
born 15 Sept 1888.
He used the old surname spelling.
He is listed in 1911 Census as assistant to his uncle Mick in his pub in Dublin.
He did pub apprenticeship with Tim Lloyd.
He owned the "Five Lamps" pub, North Strand Rd, Dublin (and lived there).
"John Humphrys, grocer and spirit dealer" listed there in [Thoms] from 1925 to 1972 and beyond (kept the name Humphrys after family sold it).

He mar 1926 to Mary Maher [born 8 Dec 1895, her 2nd marriage].
She owned, through her first husband, Hayes' pub, 9 Lower Abbey St, Dublin.
She also owned the "Cock Tavern", Church Street, Howth.

The pub on North Strand Rd was hit in the bombing of Dublin by the Germans 30 May 1941.
The pub was badly damaged. There was a suggestion it would have to be demolished, but in the end it was not.

Mary re-developed Hayes' pub, 9 Lower Abbey St, Dublin, in late 1940s and re-named it "The Flowing Tide".
She sold the "Cock Tavern" 1950.
She lived farm at Kilbarrack, N side of Dublin.
Mary sold "The Flowing Tide" in late 1950s.
The "Five Lamps" pub was sold by someone in the 1966-75 period.

Jack died 9 Dec 1970 [GROI], [burial record], St.Joseph's nursing home, Raheny, age 82 yrs. Grave is wrong to say died 10 Dec.
He was bur Glasnevin with brother Jim.
Mary lived 155 Castle Ave, Clontarf, Co.Dublin.
She died 4 Jan 1978, age 82 yrs, bur Glasnevin.
Jack and Mary had issue:

  1. Cora Humphrys,
    used the old surname spelling,
    only child, born Mon 8 June 1931,
    bapt Margaret Mary.
    The Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was Sat 13 June 1931. Hence she got the name Cora.
    She mar Kim Ryder.
    She died 1 July 1999, age 68 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Mary Ryder.
    2. Sheila Ryder.
    3. Elizabeth Ryder.
    4. Nora Ryder.
    5. Bill Ryder.

Jack Humphrys (on RHS).
Courtesy of Nora Humphreys.
See larger and full size.


"The Flowing Tide" pub, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin

"The Flowing Tide", 9 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin.
From Google Street View.

"The Flowing Tide", 9 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin.
Formerly here.

"The Flowing Tide".
Formerly here.

The Cock Tavern, Howth, Co.Dublin

The Cock Tavern, Howth.
From Google Street View.
This is near St.Mary's "Abbey" Church, Howth.

The Cock Tavern, Howth, 2001.
Formerly here.

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