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Stonepark House, near Meelick, Co.Clare.
From street view.
See screenshot.


Robert Nix,
born 1845 (age 26 at mar).
See entry in tree by Paddy Waldron.
Lived at Stonepark House, Knocknaskeagh townland (at border with Stonepark townland), N of Meelick, Co.Clare (near border with Co.Limerick, just NW of Limerick city). See map.
He is described as farmer, of Stonepark House, at marriage in 1871.
He mar 20 Feb 1871, Kilrush, Co.Clare, to Ellen Brew. See mar cert from here.
See extract from Clare Journal, 27 Feb 1871.
They are listed in 1901 census at Knocknaskeagh (Stonepark House). They have 1 domestic servant and 2 farm servants. House has 7 rooms, 6 windows in front of house, 14 out-buildings. It is biggest house in Knocknaskeagh townland.
Robert was D.C. (District Councillor). He was member of Limerick Board of Guardians.
He is listed as "farmer" at son's mar 1904.
He died 18 Dec 1911, age 66 yrs. He was bur St.John the Baptist, Meelick.
He had issue:

Tom Nix,
Thomas, born 1871, Co.Clare.
He was bapt 27 Nov 1871 [Parteen and Meelick Parish].
In 1901 census he is living at Stonepark House with parents. He is "farmer".
Listed at mar as farmer, living Stonepark House.
He mar 9 Nov 1904 to Cathy Humphreys [Catherine, bapt 7 Aug 1878].
Tom inherited Stonepark House.
He is farmer, Stonepark House, at son's birth 1906.
They are listed in [Census, 2 April 1911] as living with his retired parents at Knocknaskeagh (Stonepark House). Tom is "farmer". They have 2 domestic servants and 3 farm servants. House has 9 rooms, 6 windows in front of house, 12 out-buildings. It is biggest house in Knocknaskeagh townland.
"Thomas Nix" was at Mick Humphrys' funeral 1934.
He is farmer, Meelick, at dau's mar 1939.
He died 31 Aug 1946, age 74 yrs. He was bur St.John the Baptist, Meelick.
Cathy died at Stonepark House, 14 Sept 1959, age 81 yrs. See death cert from here.
She was bur St.John the Baptist, Meelick.
Tom and Cathy had issue:

  1. Robert Nix,
    born 1905-1906, Co.Clare.
    At home in 1911 census.

  2. Thomas Nix,
    Tom, born 1 October 1906, Stonepark House. See birth cert from here.

  3. John Nix,
    born 1908, Co.Clare,
    died 29 May 1925, age 17 yrs, bur St.John the Baptist, Meelick.

  4. Mary Nix,
    born 1909, Co.Clare.
    Living Stonepark House at mar.
    She mar 14 Nov 1933 to Patrick Walsh [son of Edmond F. Walsh].
    They mar at St.Joseph's church, Limerick. See mar cert from here.
    Patrick was farmer, of Ballymacadam, Cahir, Co.Tipperary. Listed as such at mar.
    Mary died 1 Sept 2006, age 97 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. William Walsh.
    2. Sean Walsh.
    3. Eamon Walsh.
    4. 4 other sons, Walsh.
    5. 5 daus, Walsh.

  5. James Nix,
    born Mar 1911, Co.Clare.
    He wit his brother's mar 1938.

  6. Fr. Willie Nix.
    He was a priest, on English mission, possibly in Hammersmith, London.
    Rev. W. Nix, C.C., Oldtown, Co.Dublin, officiated at wedding of his sister Margaret in 1948.
    Listed as C.C. (Curate), N William St, Dublin, at death of Sr. Margaret Mary Humphreys in 1965.
    He died 1983.
    (todo) See obituary in Clare Champion, 12 Aug 1983.

  7. Nellie Nix, born 1915,
    wit her sister's wedding 1933,
    wit her sister's wedding 1939,
    bridesmaid at wedding of her sister Margaret in 1948,
    died 21 Apr 1965, age 50 yrs, bur St.John the Baptist, Meelick.

  8. Catherine Nix,
    born 17 July 1916, Limerick registration district. See index entry.
    "Kathleen" at mar.
    She mar 21 June 1939 to Michael Normoyle [son of Michael Normoyle, farmer].
    They mar at Mount Melleray, Co.Waterford. See mar cert from here.
    Michael is listed at mar as farmer, of Croom, Co.Limerick.
    They had issue:

    1. (dau) Normoyle, mar --- O'Donnell and had issue:
      1. Antoinette O'Donnell.

  9. Margaret Nix,
    born 7 November 1920, Limerick registration district. See index entry.
    She wit her sister's wedding 1939.
    She mar 1948 to Thomas Cherry and had issue.
    They mar at St.Joseph's church, Limerick.
    See item in Irish Independent, September 21, 1948.
    See item in Sunday Independent, September 26, 1948.

  10. Joseph Nix,
    Joe, born 1921-22.
    (todo) See birth of Joseph Nix, [GROI], 1st qr 1922, Scarriff, Volume: 4 Page: 263.
    His father died 1946.
    He mar 1952 to Mary Frost [born 1932].
    (todo) See mar of Joseph Nix, [GROI], 2nd qr 1952, Limerick, Volume: 5 Page: 217.
    They lived Stonepark House.
    He registered mother's death 1959. Living Stonepark House.
    They had issue:

    1. Irene Nix.
    2. Cora Nix.
    3. Colette Nix.
    4. Raymond Nix.
    5. Declan Nix.
    6. Damian Nix.
    7. Kenneth Nix.

Stonepark House (red cross) on 1887 to 1913 map.
Also visible is St.John the Baptist RC church, Meelick.

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