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Frost of Punchbowl House, Co.Clare

Laurence Frost,
or Lawrence, Larry, born 1801 or 1805,
of Punchbowl House, near Meelick, Co.Clare (just NW of Limerick).
He mar 1843 to Anne Nolan [Anna, born 1828, of the family of Nolan of Kilbane, Co.Limerick].
She was born 1828 [by age on grave].
Her children were born from 1844 to 1870, so she must be born about 1823 to 1827.
Laurence is listed as farmer at dau's mar 1871.
Anne died 1883, age 55 yrs.
Laurence died 1896.
See funeral list in Limerick Chronicle, 11 July 1896.
They had issue:

  1. Margaret Frost,
    bapt 7 Oct 1846 [Parteen and Meelick par records].
    Census later says born Co.Limerick, but must be born Co.Clare.
    Bobby Ryan thought she was from "Bunker Hill, Ballymorris", Co.Clare (unidentified, but just to the W of Punchbowl).
    Listed at mar as of Meelick, Co.Clare.

    She mar 1stly, 14 Nov 1871, to James Nolan of Ballyane [bapt 21 July 1831] and had issue.
    Mar performed by Fr. Tom Nolan, wit Laurence Frost and John Nolan (unidentified).
    They mar at Meelick, Co.Clare. See mar cert from here.
    James died 1890.

    She mar 2ndly, 5 Sept 1899 [Shanagolden RC par records] [him age 41, her age 52]
    to her husband's 1st cousin James Nolan of Waterpark [bapt 9 Nov 1857]. No issue.
    She was also 1st cousin of his mother.
    Transcript of mar cert incorrectly lists her as "Margaret Nolan" dau of "Laurence Nolan", farmer, dead. It is confused because her maiden name is Frost but surname at mar is Nolan.
    Marriage wit by James Nolan of Kilbane and Catherine Nolan of Ballyane.

  2. Charlotte Frost,
    born 8 Nov 1864,
    bapt 13 Nov 1864 [Parteen and Meelick par records],
    mar Patrick Mulqueen [son of James Mulqueen and Mary Burns] and had issue.
    See 1911 census.
    See Mulqueen grave here and here.

  3. John L. Frost, born 1869,
    had issue:

    1. John Michael Frost, born 1903,
      had issue:

      1. Mary Frost,
        Mary J. Frost, born 1932,
        (todo) see birth of Mary J Frost, [GROI], 2nd qr 1932, Scarriff, Volume: 4 Page: 265,
        mar 1952 to Joseph Nix [born 1921-22] and had issue.

Punchbowl House, Co.Clare, on 1887 to 1913 map.

Punchbowl House.
2008 photo. From here.
See modern street view.

Laurence Frost grave.
Knockroe graveyard, just to the E of Punchbowl House.
2008 photo. From here.

Frost of Rossmanagher House, Co.Clare

Solomon Frost,
born 1784 to 1786,
of Rossmanagher House, S of Sixmilebridge, Co.Clare (see modern street view),
had issue:

Michael Frost,
bapt 25 Aug 1834,
farmer, of Rossroe, Co.Clare (NW of Sixmilebridge, see map),
mar Bedelia Burke,
had issue:

  1. Patrick Frost,
    born 8 July 1868, Co.Clare,
    bapt 12 July 1868, Sixmilebridge, Co.Clare,
    died in infancy.

  2. Patrick Frost,
    Pat, second Patrick, born 1884,
    listed as farmer, of Sixmilebridge at mar,
    mar 15 Jan 1913 [Murroe RC church] to Annie Humphreys [bapt 9 Feb 1882],
    see entry in [GROI], wit by Patrick J. Burke and Mary T. Humphreys,
    he was farmer, Sixmilebridge,
    he died 4th October 1974, aged 90,
    had issue:

    1. Peggy Frost, Margaret.

    2. Breda Frost,
      Bedelia Mary Frost, born c.1915.
      Nurse in Dublin.
      She mar Willie Meagher [William, son of Thomas Meagher], no issue.
      He ran pub, 18 Lower Camden St, Dublin.
      Listed there in [Thoms, 1945].
      Meagher's pub was sold around 1965. It was then called "The Sword".
      It is still a pub today, now called "Anseo", 18 Lower Camden St (see street view).

    3. Sean Frost,
      lived near Bunratty, Co.Clare,
      died c.Apr 1992.

    4. Michael Frost, died 2005.

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