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Ryan "Donal", originally of Cappawhite, Co.Tipperary.
No relation of Ryan of Newross.

Castle View on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern street view of entrance to Castle View.
See street view of Ballinaclogh Castle ruin.

Dan Ryan,
Daniel, NOT David, born 1830,
Fred Faulkner said he was brother of John Ryan of Raheen, Lisnagry, Stradbally par, Co.Limerick (just E of Limerick city, see map),
as at mar 1870 he was living Mogh (or Mough), Rathlynin par, Co.Tipperary (Mogh is just N of Castle View, NW of Golden, see old map),
mar 1870 to Catherine Humphrys [Kate, bapt 3 Dec 1847],
in c.1900 he came to neighbouring Castle View (or Castleview), Ballinaclogh townland, Rathlynin par, Co.Tipperary,
it was a big house, there before him,
he had a lot of land between the two farms at Castle View and Mogh,
she was at her brother Dr.David's funeral 1903,
he died 16 June 1908, age 78 yrs,
bur Kilpatrick, near Annacarty, Co.Tipperary (see map and graveyard and street view),
she died 6 Mar 1933, age 85 yrs,
bur Kilpatrick,
had issue:

  1. Kathleen Ryan,
    "Kathleen M. Ryan", born 1872,
    didn't marry,
    lived Castle View,
    she was at her uncle Dr.David's funeral 1903, and was friends with his family,
    died 17 Apr 1930, age 57 yrs [grave, Kilpatrick].

  2. Margaret Ryan, born 1874,
    nun, at Hospital, Co.Limerick,
    died c.1910, age c.36 yrs, bur Hospital.

  3. James Ryan,
    Jim, "James H. Ryan", born 26 Feb 1876,
    inherited both Castle View and Mogh,
    he was a J.P. from 21 July 1911 think until 1921,
    mar pre-1920 to Grace Barry [Gracie, from Knockainy, Co.Limerick, born 5 Nov 1887],
    Cumann na nGaedheal Co.Councillor for Co.Tipperary (South Riding) c.1924-32,
    Peace Commissioner from c.1925/26 think until death 1969,
    he was at Mick's funeral 1934,
    she died 15 Aug 1960, age 72 yrs [grave, Kilpatrick],
    he died 16 Feb 1969, age 92 yrs [grave, Kilpatrick],
    had issue:

    1. Dan Ryan, mar Elizabeth O'Doherty and had issue:
      1. Richard Ryan.
      2. Jim Ryan, mar Nora Williams and had issue:
        1. John Ryan.
        2. Elizabeth Ryan.
        3. Esther Ryan.
        4. Daniel Ryan.
      3. Grace Ryan, mar Liam Ryan.

    2. Michael Ryan, mar Margaret Kelly and had issue:
      1. Marie Ryan, mar Brendan O'Reilly and had issue:
        1. Michele O'Reilly.
        2. Niall O'Reilly.
        3. Alan O'Reilly.
      2. Grace Ryan, mar Seamus Daly and had issue:
        1. Kieran Daly.
        2. Mark Daly.
        3. James Daly.
      3. James Ryan, mar Mary Kennedy and had issue:
        1. Shane Ryan.
        2. Michael Ryan.
        3. James Ryan.
      4. Donal Ryan.
      5. Dermot Ryan.
      6. Joseph Ryan.

    3. Jim Ryan, mar Teresa Liston and had issue:
      1. Ann Ryan.
      2. Geraldine Ryan.
      3. Bernadette Ryan, mar Eamon Shepherd and had issue:
        1. Cian Shepherd.
        2. Maebh Shepherd.
        3. Colm Shepherd.
      4. Carmel Ryan, mar Conor O'Malley and had issue:
        1. Luke O'Malley.

  4. Dr. Peter Ryan,
    born c.1878, bapt John Peter,
    mar Molly ----, no issue,
    doctor in London,
    was at Mick's funeral 1934,
    died c.1967, age c.89 yrs, bur England.

  5. Fr. Dan Ryan, born c.1879,
    priest, St.Louis, Missouri,
    died in US, think 1972, age c.93 yrs,
    bur in US.

  6. Fr. George Ryan, born c.1880,
    priest, St.Louis, Missouri,
    died think 1966, age c.86 yrs,
    bur in US.

  7. David Ryan, born c.1885,
    had farm at Caherline, Co.Limerick,
    had mental breakdown, came back home, didn't marry,
    was at Mick's funeral 1934,
    died soon after.

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