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Benjamin Maltass

Marriage of Benjamin Maltass, 2 May 1812.
From Smyrna Anglican Chaplaincy register.

Benjamin Maltass,
born 1778.
He was educ at school in London.
He returned to Smyrna 1800.
Merchant in Smyrna.
Listed as of Smyrna at mar.

He mar 2 May 1812 to Rosina Roland [of Smyrna].
Her name is spelt "Rosina Roland" in marriage entry. But she seems to sign it "Rosine Rolland".
They mar at [British Chapel, Smyrna].

"B.Maltass" witnessed the marriage of his niece Helen Maltass at Smyrna, 1825.
"B.Maltass" wit the mar of his nephew William Maltass 1836.
"B.Maltass" witnessed the marriage of his niece Eugenie Maltass May 1839.
"B.Maltass" witnessed the marriage of his niece Lydia Maltass Oct 1839.
Benjamin wrote 1844 letter from Smyrna to his niece Elizabeth Gibbon.
Elizabeth Gibbon in letter of 1 Sept 1851 writes from Paris after her mother's death there in July 1851. (Her mother is Benjamin's sister Susan.) Elizabeth says that a "letter from my Uncle from Smyrna" has just been sent addressed to her mother, him "not knowing of my mother's death".
Benjamin died 6 Feb 1862, age 84 yrs.
He was bur Anglican cemetery, Buca.
Benjamin and Rosina had issue:

  1. Richard Maltass,
    Richard John Maltass, born 19 September 1813 [British Chapel, Smyrna].
    [1844 letter] says Richard "has the misfortune to be dumb".

  2. Eliza Ann Maltass,
    born 2 Sept 1814,
    bapt 21 Oct 1815 [British Chaplaincy, Smyrna].
    She was buried 22 April 1816 [British Chapel, Smyrna].

  3. Amilea Maltass,
    Amelia Ann Maltass,
    born 21 August 1816 [British Chapel, Smyrna].
    She mar and had a son and dau, as at 1844.

  4. Stephen Maltass.
    Stephen William Maltass, born 27 March 1818 [British Chapel, Smyrna].
    He was due to be married in winter 1844-1845.
    The [Rees family papers] refer to Benjamin as "ancestor of the Stephen Maltass family".

  5. William Edward Maltass,
    born 18 April 1819 [British Chapel, Smyrna].
    He was buried 15 June 1820 [British Chapel, Smyrna].

  6. Caroline Maltass.
    Caroline Sarah Maltass, born 25 July 1821 [British Chapel, Smyrna].

  7. Joseph Maltass,
    died as an infant,
    buried 29 July 1822 [British Chapel, Smyrna].

  8. William James Maltass,
    baptised 21 December 1823 [British Chapel, Smyrna].

  9. John Frederick Maltass,
    born 2 April 1828 [British Chapel, Smyrna].
    He must be "John F. Maltass" who mar Helene --- and had issue:

    1. Oscar Alfred John Maltass,
      born 24 Nov 1863, Turkey [LDS IGI].


Grave of Benjamin Maltass.
Anglican cemetery, Buca.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

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