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de Cramer

Part of the European community in Turkey. See Historical background.

Drawing around 1812 of the former residence in Hacilar of Chevalier Ambroise Hermann de Cramer (died 1809).
Labelled as his widow's house: "Mrs De Cramer's house at Hagilar".
From Abbott and Holder Ltd. For sale here.

Chevalier Ambroise de Cramer,
Ambroise Hermann de Cramer,
born Cremer, changed to Cramer,
born 10 Feb 1757, Cologne, Holy Roman Empire.
He was educ (in law and diplomacy) at University of Vienna.
He was Austrian Consul at Smyrna 1777.
He mar pre-1790 to Sarah Maltass.
He was in the Austrian army.
In March 1799, when France was fighting the Ottoman Empire at Jaffa, he defended the French Church of St. Polycarp at Smyrna against desecration by Turkish troops. See account of this in [Goulburn, 1892].
For saving the church he was created a Chevalier of the Order of Christ by Pope Pius VII on 30 Sept 1802.
Lived Hacilar (Hagilar, Hadjilar). Hacilar was a village near Bornova. (There is today a road called "Hacilarkiri Cd" coming out of Bornova. See map.)
The marriage of Sarah's brother William near Smyrna in 1806 was witnessed by "de Kramer the Imperial Consul-General".
He died at Smyrna, 9 Nov 1809, age 52 yrs.
Sarah died pre-1844.
They had issue:

  1. Joseph Cramer.
  2. Frederick Cramer.

  3. Catherine Marguerite de Cramer,
    born 7 Aug 1790.
    She signs herself "Catherine Marguerite de Cramer" at mar.
    "Catherine Margaret" at children's bapts. "Catharine Marguerite" in [Goulburn, 1892].
    "Marguerite" must be after her grandmother Marguerite Icard.
    She was of Austrian, English and French ancestry.
    She is sometimes described as "Greek" but this is because all the Europeans in Smyrna (the Greek part of Turkey) were sometimes called "Greeks".
    [Bayley, 1963] mentions a letter written to her when young, addressed to "Mademoiselle Margoton de Cramer, Chagillar". "Margoton" is a French version of "Marguerite". "Chagillar" is unidentified.
    Listed as of Smyrna at mar.
    She mar 2 Sept 1811 in Smyrna to Thomas Burgon [born 1 Aug 1787] and had issue.
    They mar at [British Chapel, Smyrna].

Marriage of Catherine Marguerite de Cramer, 2 Sept 1811.
From Smyrna Anglican Chaplaincy register.


Miscellaneous de Cramer

We are not sure which if any of the following de Cramers descend from Maltass.

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