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John William Burgon, Dean of Chichester

Dean Burgon.
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John William Burgon, Dean of Chichester (see here),
"Dean Burgon", fundamentalist biblical scholar,
born 21st Aug 1813, Smyrna.
His family went to England 1814.
His father wanted him in family business, but failure of that business in 1841 left him free to enter holy orders as he wished, as an older student.
He was educ Worcester College, Oxford (entered 1841, BA 1845).
He won the Newdigate Prize in 1845 with his poem Petra, about the famous rock-embedded ancient city of Petra, Jordan, famously describing it as: "A rose-red city half as old as time".
Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, 1846 (where his mother's cousin Rev. George Montgomery and in-law Sidney Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Lea had previously been). MA 1848.
High church Anglican. He did not marry.
Vicar of University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford, 1863.
Gresham professor of divinity 1867 to death 1888.
Dean of Chichester, Sussex, 1876 to death 1888.

He promoted Biblical inerrancy and Biblical literalism.
He opposed the new ideas from geology of an old earth and from biology of evolution by natural selection.
He opposed allowing women and non-Anglicans into universities.
He opposed the disestablishment of the Irish church.

He died 4th Aug 1888, age 74 yrs.
He was bur Holywell Cemetery, Oxford, with parents.

Inspiration and interpretation (1861)

Inspiration and interpretation: Seven sermons preached before the University of Oxford (1861).

These sermons show why Dean Burgon is an icon to creationists and fundamentalists today.

Sermon II (preached in 1860).

In this sermon, Burgon rejects almost all the major findings of 19th century astronomy, geology, biology and palaeontology because they are incompatible with the Bible. He even expresses confidence (in 1860) that when the scientists think again, they will realise they were wrong and the Bible was right.
Left: From p.40.
Right: From p.49.



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