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Bridget Mangan

Possibly Bridget Mangan, perhaps c.1865.
"Aunt Bridget?" on back.
From [P106/328].
See larger and full size.
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Bridget Mangan,
bapt 15 Feb 1845.
She would be "Bridget Mangan" who sp bapt of her nephew Patrick Mangan 1878.
She became a Good Shepherd nun.
She took the name "Sister Stanislaus" or "Sister Mary Stanislaus", or "Sister M. St. Stanislaus".
She was for many years at the Good Shepherd convent, Sunday's Well, Cork.
Her niece Annie Mangan (born 1867) joined her as a nun at this convent. Both of them there as at 1890.
[P102/46] is letter of 26 Oct 1890 from her to her nephew The O'Rahilly at Clongowes.
She is listed at Good Shepherd convent in her sister Ellen Mangan's will 1903.
See entry at Good Shepherd convent, Cork, in [Census, 1911]. She is listed as Bridget Mangan. Her niece Annie Mangan also there.
She died 26 Oct 1915, Clifton, Montenotte, Cork, age 70 yrs [GROI].
See Irish Independent, October 30, 1915.
She was bur in convent graveyard.

The Good Shepherd convent, Sunday's Well, Cork

The Good Shepherd convent, at Sunday's Well, Cork city, opened in 1872.
It had an orphanage and a Magdalene laundry.
Bridget Mangan (bapt 1845) was a nun there.
Her niece Annie Mangan (born 1867) also became a nun there. Both of them there as at 1890.

The child "Little Nellie", who was famed for her precocious piety, spent her last year at the convent, in 1907-08.
Born in 1903, she was put into care when her mother died in 1907. She came to the convent in 1907 and became famous for her piety. She died at the convent in 1908. Her grave is there.
Her story influenced the Pope in 1910 to reduce the age of First Holy Communion.

Bridget and Annie were at the convent as at 1911.
Bridget Mangan died 1915. She is bur in the convent graveyard.
Bridget's niece and Annie's much younger 1st cousin Alice Mangan (born 1895 or 1896) became a Good Shepherd nun. She was said to be a nun in Cork, so might have been at this convent.
Annie Mangan died 1949 at the convent, and is bur in the convent graveyard.
Magdalene laundry survivor Mary Norris was an inmate here in 1949-51.

The Magdalene laundry closed in the late 1970s.
The convent was damaged in a fire in 2003 and became derelict.
It was gutted in another major fire in 2012.
For photos see Abandoned Ireland (see graveyard) and Mark Davis and Flickr search.


Good Shepherd convent, Sunday's Well, Cork, on 1887 to 1913 map.
The graveyard of the nuns and "Little Nellie" is to the top right here.
See modern satellite view.

Grave of Bridget Mangan ("Sister Stanislaus Mangan") visible in shot of graveyard, Good Shepherd convent, Cork.
See full size. From album by Maureen Considine. Used with permission.

The derelict Good Shepherd convent, Cork.
Video uploaded 2008.
Graveyard of the nuns and "Little Nellie" is shown at the end.
See other video and other video.

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