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Ballyane House, Ballyane, Co.Limerick

Ballyane House, Ballyane (or Ballyanne or Ballyan), Kilmoylan par, Co.Limerick.
W of Waterpark. SW of Shanagolden.
See satellite view.

William Enraght (who was Protestant) was living here in the mid 18th century.
Later home of the Catholic Nolans.
Michael Nolan said that it was the only Catholic owned house paying a window tax.
The window tax was levied in Ireland from 1799 to 1822.

Cornelius Nolan (born 1801) is listed here in [Tithe Survey, 1833].
Cornelius Nolan listed here in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852].

His son James Nolan (died 1890) then lived here.
James Nolan of Waterpark moved here by marriage 1899 to the widow of the above James.
James Nolan of Waterpark is listed here in 1901 and 1911 census. He died here in 1917.
John Hamilton purchased Ballyane (would be before 1922) from the widow of James Nolan (died 1922).

The old Ballyane House was a rare two-storey thatched house.
In 1901 census, the house is the biggest house in the townland. It has 8 rooms, 9 windows in front of house, 15 out-buildings.
In 1911 census, the house is the biggest house in the townland. It has 8 rooms, 11 windows in front of house, 14 out-buildings.

The family moved out in the 1990s to a modern bungalow at the site.
The old house fell into ruin.
The old Ballyane House is now a ruin.

Ballyane House from the air, 1950s.
The avenue comes in from the N (from the RHS here). The old house is sideways to the avenue.
See full size.


Ballyane House on 1829 to 1842 map.

Ballyane House (plot no.2).
Map of [Griffiths Valuation, 1852] from
This is the largest plot in the townland, and the largest house in the townland. Plot no.2 takes up more than half the townland.

Ballyane House on 1887 to 1913 map.
The old house is on the E side of these buildings.

Ballyane House on modern map.

Blue dot is a new bungalow.
The old house is S of it and is in ruins.

From modern satellite view.
See street view of entrance.
See screen shot.

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