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Hartstonge House, Limerick (front)

The front of Hartstonge House, Limerick.
Home of Stephen O'Mara from 1886 to c.1909.

Hartstonge House, Limerick, 1908.
Note extension at rear. The windows are of the O'Mara private chapel.
See full size.

Hartstonge House. From the Pery Square side.
See larger and full size.
From [P40/910]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Hartstonge House. Photo 2006. See full size.
See alternate shot.

View from Catherine Place

The view looking up Catherine Place.
Photo 2016. See larger and full size.
See closer shot and closer shot.
See 2010 photo.

Hartstonge House is visible in the video for the song "My Love" (2000) by Westlife.

The door

The front door.
Photo 2016. See larger and full size.

Front door of Hartstonge House. Photo 2006. See full size.


1905 gathering


O'Mara family gathering, 1905. Front door of Hartstonge House.
Stephen O'Mara and wife and all children and their spouses. Names written on back.
Back (left to right): Nell, Phons, Norrie, Bill O'Sullivan (married Norrie in 1904), Kat, Paddy.
Front: Mary, Michael Rynne (died 1907), Adelaide Sheppard (married Joe in 1905), Joe, Stephen O'Mara, Ellen Pigott, James O'Mara, Agnes Cashel, Stephen.
See larger and full size. See back.

Another picture at clearly the same event. Everyone wearing same outfits. Front door of Hartstonge House.
This one has written on it: "New Year's Eve, 1905".
See full size.

Turn the above picture sideways and you can see it has been distorted by being combined with another picture.
The other picture is clearly Joe and his wife who married 9 Dec 1905 in Canada.
They made a trip to Limerick in late Dec 1905 to see Joe's family before returning to Canada.
See full size.
See other shot at same gathering. From J/552/8.


Front (Hartstonge St) side of Hartstonge House. Movie 2006.
From here. Hosted at my YouTube account.
Download AVI file.

Still from above. Looking up Hartstonge St towards Pery Square and the park.

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