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My ancestors - O'Mara - Contents

Dr. Michael Rynne

Mary O'Mara and Dr. Michael Rynne.
Detail of 1905 photo.

Dr. Michael Rynne,
born 29 Sept 1867, Ennis, Co.Clare.
He may descend (not proved) through Nugent from Edward I and Aoife and Strongbow and Brian Boru.
He was educ St. Flannan's college, Ennis.
He was educ TCD, BA 1889 [TCD Calendar].

Became a doctor, surgeon. LM, MB, B.Ch., B.A.O, all in 1890. MD 1893 [TCD Calendar].
Assistant Surgeon at Mayo Infirmary.
Also worked in Dublin hospitals, and on an American line of steam ships.
He went to England. Became a doctor at Southampton. He was ship's doctor (merchant navy), stayed in port.
Letter of 10 March 1897 says he is living Beaconsfield House, Totton, just outside Southampton.
At marriage 1898 he is living Totton.

He mar 1898 to Mary O'Mara [born 11 June 1876].
They lived Southampton. Letter of 1899 is addressed to them at Beaconsfield House, Totton.
At children's births 1899 to 1901 they are listed as living Eling Lane, Eling, near Totton, near Southampton (see map).
At dau's birth 1904 and Christmas card 1905 they are living Eling Lodge, Eling.
They moved to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, early 1907, where he purchased a medical practice (also his residence), "Mangalore", 1 Osborne Villas, Queens Rd, Cheltenham.

Michael dies, 1907:
He died Sat morning, 20 July 1907, at his residence, 1 Osborne Villas, Queens Rd, Cheltenham, age 39 yrs [GRO.UK].
He died suddenly and totally unexpectedly, of heart attack, "due to fatty degeneration of the heart".
See report of death in Gloucestershire Echo, Sat 20 July 1907, back page.
Inquest held 22 July 1907.
He was bur Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.

Mary left with 3 small children.
Her mother died 1910.
She came back to Ireland with children and moved into Strand House with her father. She was the lady of the house.
She is listed at Strand House with father in census 1911.
She went to Connie von Trapp's wedding, Austria, 1914.
She had a role in Jim Sullivan's film Knocknagow (shot 1917, released 1918). She went under a pseudonym since it wouldn't have been quite the thing to do for such a respectable lady, a director of O'Mara's company.
She did not sell "Mangalore", Cheltenham, until 1919. She must have kept it and rented it out until then.

She was living in 1930s (temp 1931-34) at Airfield, Stillorgan Rd, Donnybrook.
She was a Director of O'Mara's bacon company at time of O'Mara's centenary, 1939.
She lived to see great-grandchildren.
She was living "Greenfields", Milltown, Co.Dublin, from at least 1947 to death.
She died 6th Feb 1961, 96 Lr Leeson St, Dublin, age 84 yrs [GROI].
Her death cert incorrectly describes her as widow of a "solicitor".
She was bur Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.
Dr. Michael and Mary had issue:

  1. Michael Rynne,
    Michael Andrew Lysaght Rynne,
    born 12th Sept 1899, Eling Lane, Eling, Southampton [GRO.UK].

  2. Stephen Rynne,
    Stephen O'Mara Rynne,
    born 25 Oct 1901, Eling Lane, Eling, Southampton [GRO.UK].

  3. Mary Rynne,
    Mary Therèse Rynne,
    born 28 June 1904, Eling Lodge, Eling, Southampton [GRO.UK].
    She is listed as visiting O'Sullivan cousins in 1911 census.
    She was educ Highgate convent, London (like her mother). Said to be "St.Leonard's convent" but cannot find this.
    She is NOT the "Mary Rynn" who is listed as getting BA from NUI 1925 [NUI, 1964].
    She was an author.
    She wrote play Pilgrims (1938), which was performed in the Abbey Theatre. Opened 10 Oct 1938. See flyer. One of the parts was played by Cyril Cusack, who had acted as a child with Mary's mother in Knocknagow (1918).
    She was called "Littlewee" [John O'Sullivan].
    She didn't marry.
    Living Harbour Lodge, Greystones, Co.Wicklow, from at least 1965 until death [GROI].
    She died 16th Sept 1976, Bon Secours Hospital, Glasnevin [GROI], age 72 yrs.

Think this is Dr. Michael Rynne.
See full size.

Eling Lodge, Eling, Southampton.
Christmas card 1905.
See full size.
Eling Lodge was a doctor's surgery until it was demolished in the 1930s when the Totton bypass was built.

Junction of Queens Rd (RHS road above) with Lansdowne Rd (LHS road above), Cheltenham.
Postcard 1907. See modern street view.
"Mangalore", 1 Osborne Villas, Queens Rd, would be near to the far RHS front of this picture.
It was a large semi-detached house on 1 ½ acres, on N side (RHS above) of Queens Rd (RHS road above) right beside the junction with Lansdowne Rd.
See full size.

Grave of Dr. Michael Rynne and Mary O'Mara.
Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.
Photo 2008. From Clare County Library.

Mary O'Mara

Mary O'Mara, 1890.
From this picture.

Mary O'Mara and her brother Fr.Paddy. Must be c.1895.
See larger and full size.

Mary O'Mara, 1910.
From this picture.

"Mrs. Kearney" (Mary Rynne, using the alias "Peg Casey") in the film Knocknagow (filmed 1917, released 1918).
Click to play.

"Mrs. Kearney" (Mary Rynne) in the film Knocknagow (filmed 1917, released 1918).
Click to play.

Mary Rynne and Peter O'Mara (born 1925).
See larger and full size.
From [P40/912]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Mary O'Mara.
Photo of the Directors of O'Mara's at O'Mara centenary dinner, 1939.
See larger and full size.

Mary O'Mara in later years.

Airfield, Stillorgan Rd, Donnybrook

Home of Mary O'Mara in 1930s.
Not to be confused with Airfield, Dundrum.

Airfield on 1887 to 1913 map.
Opposite Montrose (now RTE).

Airfield on street view today.




Stephen, Michael and Mary Rynne.
This would be the S end of Strand House.
See larger and full size.
From [P40/910]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Looks like Stephen O'Mara and the Rynnes, shortly before Stephen's death in 1926.
See larger and full size.
From [P40/911]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

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