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Norrie O'Mara

Norrie O'Mara.
From 1910 photo.

Norrie O'Mara,
Nora, born 3 Mar 1880, Limerick.
She was educ for a time with the nuns of Sacrè Coeur at Highgate, London.
She wit Mary's mar 1898.

A Dr. Foley proposes to Norrie, 1902:
Letter of 29 Oct 1902 says that a Dr. Foley has proposed to Norrie.
Letter of 5 Nov 1902 says Norrie is not sure: "she really has not seen enough of Foley to know him or whether she would like him". On one page it says "Joe has asked a chum Dr. O'Sullivan to stay with him at Christmas time. Dr. Foley won't stay with us". This looks like a sign of the end for Dr. Foley! This page also says: "we must be very nice to [Foley] and give him every opportunity to [win his couse?]". Is this saying Dr. Foley is her cousin? (Her grandmother was Foley.) Or maybe it reads "win his cause". It is hard to tell.
Not sure who Dr. Foley is. He apparently does not live in Limerick.
Pat Lavelle's notes mention a dance in Hartstonge House, Christmas 1902, "to celebrate the engagement of one of my aunts". The only one that fits is Norrie. Did she accept Dr. Foley, but for whatever reason they did not get married?

Letter of 20 Jan 1904 shows Bill is courting Norrie (or may even be engaged).
Norrie was living Hartstonge House at marriage in 1904.
She mar 26 Apr 1904 to Dr. Bill O'Sullivan and had issue.
They mar at St.Joseph's, Limerick [GROI].

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