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Foley of Limerick city.

Irish speaking

Honora Foley was said to be Irish-speaking.
She is written as Honora "Fowloo" at marriage.
Foley in Irish is "Ó Foghlú".
"Fowloo" is an Anglicisation of "Foghlú".
"Fowloo" is found in a number of places as a variant of "Foley".
This supports the idea that Honora Foley was Irish-speaking.

The marriage of James O'Mara to Honora "Fowloo" (Foley) in 1841 in the register of St.John's, Limerick.

"Hanah Fowloo" sp the bapt of John O'Mara in Limerick in March 1842.
We are not sure who she is but this is more evidence pointing to Irish-speaking Foley.


Discounted - Foley of Clonmel story

There was a story that James O'Mara's wife Honora Foley was from Clogheen, near Clonmel, Co.Tipperary,
As discussed on the Casey page and the Foley of Clonmel page, there is no evidence for this, and it seems clearly to be confusion with Casey, the family of James O'Mara's mother.

Our family: Foley of Limerick

All evidence says our Foley are of Limerick city.
James O'Mara moved to Limerick before 1839, and married in Limerick in 1841 to what must be a local girl.
We think Foley are from Limerick, and have no connection to Clogheen or Clonmel.

It was previously thought that it was a sister of James O'Mara who married Lynch.
But the Lynch baptisms clearly show the mother as "Mary Foley", i.e. a sister of James' wife.

As to the name of the Foley ancestor, he might be John Foley. His O'Mara grandsons are called Stephen (after St.Stephen's Day), then Peter (after O'Mara grandfather), then John.
His wife might be Bridget or Mary Anne or Catherine. See his O'Mara grand-daughters and Lynch grand-daughters.
But perhaps it is better not to speculate.


Honora Foley, must be c.1868.
From this picture.


Possibly our family

Because of possible family names (see discussion above) the family might be one of these:

Miscellaneous Foley of Limerick

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